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  • I feel that since they had to make so many games just so Kingdom Hearts 3 would makes sense is just evident of horrible story telling; that's probably only a portion of the truth, it's more than likely that they are just using it as an excuse/taking advantage of it to make more cash grabs. Damn you, Nomura and Square Enix. I know how you feel, thank god for the skip feature; I like a story once and I don't want to hear it over again unless I haven't heard it in a while. Don't worry, soon the only input from the player will be advance to the next scene! As some Designers want to be film directors; pitiful, absolutely pitiful. Honestly, the state of things in the Industry is not the way it should be. I mean, why work will all you have to do is make a pretty picture and it'll sell. Sadly, they were the wrong kind of lazy this Gen. Visuals have become plague on the Industry at this point. Amazing is dead since creativity has been replaced by the the technical. No fooling I prefer console game, but cost to make console games is just insane; much easier to make profit off handhelds. I want them to be more or less even too.

    I think I can afford a Wii U now, if I get this job. Bittersweet, I want to work, but I also don't want to work. Woe is me.

    Hooray for school! http://extra-credits.net/episodes/global-games-brazil/ - I believe this pertains to you.
    There are other games you could play lol unless you've beaten BW 2 already. :p
    Lol same here although I normally evolved mine into Vaporeon cause it's my favorite eeveelution<3
    Don't drag me down now it's bad enough I gotta go back tomorrow D;
    Lol I don't see how X and Y not being released yet make you wanna play XD. :p I think both protagonists are cool and I love how you start out with eevee. x3 Ah sorry about that today is my last day of freedom :<
    I love Gale of Darkness! It's a great game isn't it? :D What RPG are you talking about too? :eek: But no I haven't done much today that's interestings just been preparing for school and talking to people etc. :)
    Well it's the color of the eyes and the shape but for me it's also the coloration since they're both kinda tan ish with brown/reddish tips on the ears, tail etc :)
    You're not fooling me but it's okay. XD
    While I don't think Ninfia looks like Espeon, it looks more to me like a eevee version of Victini xD
    Sorry about the Hiatus, I got busy. College will do that to you.

    Yes an no, the main games have not been ruined, but it can't be good for the series if most of the other installments in the series are spinoffs. Yeah, I wrote up a paper about Graphical Fidelity ailing the Game Industry. I even mentioned that it would eventually go away and hopefully become a learning experience so as it does not get repeated. I guess, but the Summer Block Busters were also the equivalent of shooting and explosions, sad really. Sad thing is, people haven't wised up, they simply got bored and tired of everything they saw; the study of trends within popular media. Basically, people will remain people. That, while I love Nintendo I want other Companies to deliver Quality Games, barely any this generation. I expect the focus to dwindle on graphics since they aren't as new anymore; really at this point, everything is nothing more than a touch up. Yeah, I love handhelds, but I'm disappointing we didn't get to many amazing console games.

    Also, great news! Pandora's Tower is being localized, and a new Xeno game has been announced. I'm so hyped, especially for the new Xeno title.
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