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Jul 25, 2015
Oct 17, 2006
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December 13

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~Grammar Nazi

Raiburuto was last seen:
Jul 25, 2015
    1. darklord18
      sorry about that.

      ohh okay.

      yeah I need to ask you something. I PM you soon.

      agains sorry the trouble.
    2. darklord18
      sorry if I offend you hope you can forgive me.

      yeah and thanks, I got a great deck ready just missing some cards

      so yeah um how are you, and btw I can't make any promise but I might have Wifi on the weekend so if there any pokemon you need just let me know.

      and yeah I want to ask something about someone sig can I ask by PM
    3. darklord18
      I see well thanks. but I the type that rather try a combination of cards they like then judge.

      though I think I got a idea for the deck

      I going to use the Moon dragon and sun dragon, OoS, Ascoape or what you call it and the tuners.

      not only are they great for that, it easiler to summon Stardust or RDA which is a plus imo.

      anyway thanks for helping. ^^
    4. darklord18
      well I want to be able to use the following cards.

      abundance and rainbow dragon as main focus.

      and on the side EI (which I got enough support in the deck already so don't need hlep on that) and the Sun and moon dragon.

      also found out that my friend might be getting me Majestic star dragon so yeah.

      if you feel like I should use two for the main deck and two for the side deck like for example

      CB and the Sun - Moon dragon in the main deck and EI and Majestic in the side deck. I fine in somehting like that.

      would you like me to PM you my deck list of waht I got so far?
    5. darklord18
      sorry about that.

      I know what I want just I don't know how I should go about it.
    6. darklord18
      I want to say I sorry if my VM or post offend you.
    7. darklord18
      thanks for looking at my deck but I have to say that the list you gave me was good but not what I really hopping for.

      just I would use some of the cards like Summoner and Cat and Mirror force. only prolbem is some of those cards are 12-20 dollar Aus to get one copy of while other are 20-30 dollars. and this is from online shops.

      anyway I made a new list with cards i got from a new set, I plan to add a mini Inta combo for defense and EI with Offering to the immortals and a EI which when test have proven to make a comeback though I only one once and other time got beaten by D hero Plasma.
    8. darklord18
      hi Raiburuto how you doing?

      me just looking at my deck thread
    9. Sapphiredragon929
      Hey, what's up? We haven't talked in a while lol.
    10. darklord18
      ohh okay I see hope you get better soon.

      so what you think of my deck in my rate my deck area? is it rule following?
    11. darklord18
      hi Ralburuto how are you.

      me been better, had te worst week on here. (if you want to know I send you a PM.)

      what about you?
    12. darklord18
      yeah I just thought of that.

      thanks and yeah I edited my VM because I just realize that but I had to get ride of the cards that stop my monster from attacking.

      yeah but when you do put Heay storm or any field cards or anything that can get ride of her field card trust me.
    13. darklord18
      hi what up my friend?
    14. ShinyManafi
      Title change for March 1st restricted list sticky please?

    15. darklord18
      I got good news.

      if you can find what pokemon you want or need when I ask a few month back as I only remember Japan Acrues I can trade you on the weekend if I can got to my friend place.

      don't say you don't need them. I always keep my promise.
    16. darklord18
      I see well if you like I can get my Tag force 2 out and charge my PSP for a hour and duel you. I would with TF 3 but my friend borrow it.
    17. darklord18
      ohh okay.

      what yugioh games do you have on the PSP?
    18. darklord18
      what you mean?

      I getting it next tuesday.
    19. darklord18
      I see thanks for the help.

      also do you have Yugioh Tag force 4? just I getting the game soon.
    20. darklord18
      hi how are you today.

      me just working on my deck. but yeah I wondering if that god card that release out side Japan would be good in my deck.

      Cards I thinking of getting are

      Honest (for Rainbow dragon OTK and CB Rudy)
      Olibisk the tormeter (god card I know but I can find one cheap.)
      Rainbow gravity
      Crystal release
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