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Last Activity:
Jul 25, 2015
Oct 17, 2006
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December 13

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~Grammar Nazi

Raiburuto was last seen:
Jul 25, 2015
    1. cybermew
      MSN me man, I want a game >_<

      Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee :p
    2. darklord18
      sorry about the double PM sent, I had lag. sorry
    3. darklord18

      Merry Christmas.
    4. darklord18
      I have to say I got some bad news

      I no longer have Wifi as My parents change internet connection company and got a new Router and instead of keeping it to WEP, they wanted their laptops to have Wifi so I can't have Wifi.

      even after I told them I need WEP to Wifi they still want what they want which is normal for them.
    5. darklord18
      thanks you.

      I let you know when i get them.
    6. darklord18
      ohh I okay it was my birthday last firday.

      might have some problem with trading. sorry but next week or next month is when I might be able to trade sorry.
    7. darklord18
      hi how are you?
    8. darklord18
      okay thanks.

      so how are you today and do you play the TCG game of pokemon?
    9. darklord18
      um how would you like to trade not this weekend (because I busy with my party and other stuff.) but next weekend?
    10. darklord18
      okay I look to see if I have one.
    11. darklord18
      these are the one I might have, I have a friend and I will ask him if he has any your looking for if you like.
      Espeon (have a XD one with good SP but it level 62 i think)
      Zigzagoon (I might have one form Pokemon Box that has Extrem speed)
      Lotad (I think I have one)
    12. darklord18
      I have a check and see which one I have.

      and no problem.
    13. darklord18
      ohh okay next week I try getting it off my freind who get them for me and trade you.

      is there any others?
    14. Raiburuto
      A Japanese Arceus sounds great :D

      And yes, I do have WiFi.
    15. darklord18
      okay so you want me to get a Japan arceus?

      do you have Wifi?

      and okay.
    16. darklord18
      yeah sorry about before and yesterday.

      well do you have Wifi? I can give you one for the dex data but if you want one for yourself I can try to get a Japan one for you.
    17. darklord18
      yeah I try.

      um but he not the one that add me.

      anyway thanks for the talk, so how everything?
    18. darklord18
      yes you see I was born with a disease on the back of my eyes and had to get the back lens remove.

      He know nothing of what I had to live with in my whole school life. That might give you how hard and much I was bully and disrespected.

      only problem I can only forget thing that are in teh past and I can't get ride of thing either one, Hurt me or two memory I cherish.
    19. darklord18
      ohh sorry my bad, it happen sometimes because of my disabitliy and bad memory.

      yeah I will.

      anyway thanks for the help.
    20. darklord18
      true but he was a close friend to me and I did alot for him.

      anyway he get what coming rmember the saing "there always a bigger fish."
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