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  • Look what I found, Rai :)
    Also, still need your vote on my next MM - Zigzagoon, Helioptile or Chingling :)
    thanks :)

    as for your suggestion, i already think about it you know:D
    i want to do badge quest in Black 2 and SS.
    but i want to complete my quest first in ORAS, catch all shinies pokemon from the wild.

    and next month i have a plan to buy new 3DS, so i can hunt for both game at once :D

    thanks again for your congrats and suggestion :D
    if it's a recurring problem then I'd definitely consider getting a new one. It'd suck to get chimchar and then have it crash or have the save file become corrupted.
    I've honestly been thinking about your hunt and how weird it would be if I got it before you :s I really hope you get it soon!
    Sorry I would but it's only a side hunt for me, and I really want to do the hunts on my main files! I think I might try and work on it more often though if that counts :p Maybe like 100 SRs some mornings or something. But I've barely even been getting hunting done on my main hunts >.<
    I think torchic might be on hold for a while? I got a shiny one from Omega Ruby and it's awesome finally getting a shiny torchic but it's not quite the same as getting it on one of my third gen games so I might pick it up but I think I'm going to do some other hunts first and start off with some fresh motivation.
    So I am not entirely sure how it works but I know that it is possible to RE on a dry battery ruby/sapphire. I don't know however if they'll have the same nature or not.
    I didn't know (or maybe forgot!) you SRed over a Chimchar :( I know it's very late now, but sorry about that =\ Extra good luck on it and I hope you're doing well!
    Thanks! The anxiety thing has definitely not been fun. But good luck on your Chimchar hunt, too! Seems like Chimchar has been pretty stubborn lately.
    I don't, unfortunately :( Hopefully if you become active on SHU again, the seasonal hunt will happen.
    nah that's to be expected, as the frames are right next to each other, so mudkip will always have 21 HP & be male when Poochyena shines.

    i may have made a slight error with my advice btw, since you technically pick mudkip before you go into that battle, the frame for mudkip is chosen before the poochyena, so try slowing down your SR's to see if that will make Mudkip shine for you. :)
    try and push your SR's faster, so that you're forcing that shiny frame to land later than the poochyena.

    it can be a little difficult to do, since you're SR'ing for a starter that requires you to go left/right, rather than straight down the middle(like torchic), but keep pushing through and i know you'll get that shiny mudkip
    Haha, thanks, RA! It's actually got this nice sort of rum/purple colour on its snout, so it's not too bad, but it's definitely not the thing I was hoping for the most, which probably makes me seem ungrateful, huh?

    How are you going, anyway?
    That really sucks about your game :( Like Roseheart said, you guys could always search through her room while she's not there. Or...Though not quite a moral idea, take something she cares about and agree to exchange the stolen items (although this plan could easily backfire...). They are only pixels, but they also represent time invested in getting them, so there's good reason to be upset. Hope you successfully get your game back!
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