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  • I never did get a male Nidoran on Route 3... LeafGreen hated me when I was trying to catch specific pokemon in some areas. I swear it was snickering and chanting "lol nope" every time I tried
    I'll be using a Nidoran-M for breeding... Last time I did it seemed to produce more males than females. But still, Murphy's Law dictates that there're gonna be female shinies *headdesk*
    Gonna try and breed for one of those at some point, too... I like blue Nidoking. Not so fond of Nidoqueen's shiny coloring... That green does not look good on it.
    I like the shiny color scheme a lot better than the normal color for Boldore and Gigalith. Those shades of red and blue aren't the best combination
    770 eggs hatched, and 40 more in my PC. I hatch in groups of 370 at a time since that's all the room I have in my PC boxes, so the next batch should take me up to 1140 hatched. Let's see if I get my purple pebble in there somewhere ^^
    Just edited my last post in the shiny thread with a picture of the day's catch... And when it comes to storms "close" is a relative term ^^;;;
    Storm was miles away, and I was standing on a covered porch. Not as dangerous as it sounds
    Here's hoping ^^

    Only catch I managed today wasn't even a pokemon... It was a lightning bolt. The result of stalking an evening thunderstorm with my camera
    Its 20,400. I actually accidentally ran away from a shiny Seel at around 10,332 RE's so I'm now another 10 RE's past that lol
    Ahh, its ok! hunting in the SZ is pretty fun and exciting, though. I Can't wait to see what shines next. Btw, gratz on finally getting that Charmander! Well deserved :].
    Congrats on that awesome shiny Charmander! I'm glad it decided to finally shine for you. Good luck with Heatran!
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