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  • Thanks, RA! She looks so beautiful on the DS screen but, like a lot of shiny Pokémon, it doesn't look as good on a computer screen so it's hard to judge what it will actually look like until you actually see it for yourself.

    Sorry to hear about your bratty rat, by the way!
    Thanks, I've been doing pretty good and surgery wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be so it went well. Good luck with that chimchar, you definitely deserve it, especially with how long those sr's are!
    Hey, it has. I've been pretty good, moved house, new work and a bunch of other stuffs happened but all is good. How about you? Been going alight?
    Hi there, RA! Thanks so much! He's pretty cool/cute/adorable/bright. :p

    It sort of makes me want to hunt for Mesprit next, but I'm not sure ...

    Hopefully you post with a shiny soon! I better get to sleep. Goodnight!
    I'm doing great even though my luck hasn't been the best lately, if you're interested in doing a Platinum BQ race you're welcome to join me. :)
    Omg I noticed you are hunting Chimchar as well! Best of luck! Hopefully you get yours soon I will toss all of my luck to you! It has been a long time since we've chatted as well.
    Sure :) And yeah, I started Chimchar last May, but stopped working on it when I gave my 2nd Platinum copy to a friend. Now that I can backup/load save files, I can just use my same cartridge. It's still just a side hunt though and I don't work on it often, so I really hope you find it before me :p Of course, I certainly won't complain if I find it soon, too ;) Where's your hunt at now?
    Yikes, that's getting dangerously close to 2x >.< Really hope it shows up soon, I know how annoying those Platinum starter SRs can be (especially if you find Barry to be a bit obnoxious :p). But it'll be a nice start to your BQ when it appears :)
    I know D: But thank you! I haven't seen an update in quite some time - how are your hunts going?

    Oh wow, I was looking back in the thread and I see your last update wasn't too long ago! Feels like it was a couple weeks though :p Though I'd still like to know how they've gone since your last post!
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