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  • Aww, thanks! I hatched her when I was in Hawaii, so I thought it was fitting :) I'm happy you noticed! Good luck to you too!
    That's good for you :)

    as far as the storm situation is concerned (as aqua and master can tell you), I'm over it. It happened, people got hurt, people (I hope everyone involved, but at least me) grew from the experience, and nothing can be done with it. That also means I still have no issue with anyone being friends with storm (although I'm not sure how storm feels about people being friends with me still) so just do what you want and if people really are your friends, they'll understand how you feel.

    As for me, I dealt with issues I needed to deal with within myself, and I'm doing a lot better. I'm also going to a new school after getting my associate degree (2 year degree) towards the end of May.
    Thanks xD

    I assume everything has been good in your life (saying as we never really talk much anymore)
    saw you had found 3 shiny poochy, try and do the SR's just an incy bit faster, as the mudkip is seeded after the poochy, you need to speed up rather than slow down your SR, you probably already know this, but just in case :)
    Hey RA! Happy 18th Birthday! Unfortuately SHU isn't working for me right now and I can't seem to send messages of use the chat box.
    Anyway, hope you had an amazing day :)
    Well I'm sorry to say that I'm not hunting Chimchar anymore. I was actually more focused on trying for Abra. I did finish the one row that I wanted to do to try for Chimchar however and I did not get it. Hopefully you get Chimchar soon for your BQ.
    Yeah, mine too. I'm sort of starting to move house -either moving everything tomorrow or Thursday- so for two weeks afterwards I won't have much free time, trying to get as much hunting in as I can.
    Wow, what a douche.. You're way too good for him so don't let it bother you too much. I know it must've sucked, but you seem like a great person so I'm sure you'll find someone wayy better. :]
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