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  • Thanks! :) I'm pretty pleased with it, even though it has pretty much the worst nature a Noivern can have (Brave) and the one Ability it could have that I didn't want it to have (Telepathy). Wouldn't be the first time I got a Shiny whose nature screwed it over. My Shiny Weavile? Quiet nature. My Shiny Swellow? Modest nature.
    I hoping for Starly just so I don't have to worry about a flyer later on but on my luck, I'll get Bidoof -_-"
    Up to you if you wanna put them up. I know what I'm looking but doesn't bother me any~
    I hope that monkey is purple(?) soon :D
    1176 for the Johto starters. Turtwig is now Grotle and I've started RE'ing for my second target.
    Uh...Audino, Tranquil, Simisage, Musharna, Gigalith, Swadloon, Crustle, Heatmor, Meinfoo, Beheeyem, Klinklang, Scrafty, Maractus, Cinccino, Emolga, Amoonguss, Stunfisk....yeah, I'm missing a few in there somewhere but they're the ones I remember off the top of my head
    I started serious hunting around the time BW came out, had about 18 shinies then my file got corrupted. I was pretty shattered so I left hunting for a while. I started getting back into hunting in XY but I thought that if I wanted to be a proper shiny hunter, I'd have to start with the older games again with the original odds so it'd feel right.

    Max speed, nice~
    Damn, I feel like a noob haha
    Well, I'm pretty much new to the BQ so I really don't know what I'm getting myself into, I just needed a harder challenge I guess.
    But dayum, well done~
    I dread the day I start a BW BQ. I'll be sitting there saying 'Shut up Cheryn and let me look.'
    Wow...wow...I feel bad cos I thought my Tirtwig SR session was long. You have my support. ^^
    Thanks for the 'grats ^^
    Yeah, 741 SRs I'm pretty sure, it felt like forever because of the amount of dialogue but I'm glad I got her. Now I hope Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile aren't too far away.

    How far along are you with your Chimchar hunt?
    Thanks. But I'd rather you just wish her well than pray - I don't believe that there's any gods up there to hear them. :p
    Good luck with your shiny hunt.
    Hi. I'm afraid I really can't remember how many files I went through before finding an early shiny frame file in Emerald - I've found quite a few over the years. ^^; I usually change files every 20 or so SR if I don't find a shiny starter/uncatchable shiny Zigzagoon though.
    Thanks for the good wishes for Smudge. Sadly her lump did turn out to be cancer (mammary gland cancer to be exact), but apparently we caught it quite early on (lol, I may have ended up saving her life, since I'm the one who noticed it :p ) But she's had it removed and seems to be doing alright at the moment. We just have to wait and see if it's spread to any other organs or if any more lumps appear...
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