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  • Haha I feel like an idiot now! I thought the game would at least recognize the day changed (kind of like with Pokerus), making Lapras leave even if you save there. Thanks for letting me know that's not how it works :p Looking up the dates in YT vids of it clearly shows you're right - I should have checked that sooner! This solves my Braviary problem as well :D Thanks a ton!
    Thanks! I've said that already on SHU, but I would like to thank you for helping to keep me going as much as anyone else on SHU, it's great to finally have an awesome shiny like Giratina! It's a troll no longer, it seems.

    Hopefully I'm going to try and hunt Drifloon next, so from one ghost to another...
    RAICHU! I haven't seen you ages well because I haven't been able to get on in ages, Congrats on the sewaddle and woobat such amazing shinies!
    Whoa! Congrats on Sewaddle AND Woobat! That's amazing! Love the Woobat/Swoobat shiny colours. I'm hoping you get a 3rd now! Come onnnnnn lol
    Thanks :) think I'm gonna evolve it into vaporeon. It's my 2nd shiny Eevee in total cos I MM'd one back in the day which I evolved to jolteon so I think eventually I'll try complete the set!

    Good luck on your hunts :)
    Thanks Rai! Was wondering where you got to! Congrats on getting into collage!

    Oh, in case you are wondering about SA, we closed it down for a major overhaul. Just letting you know in case Rovert didn't (he probably did).
    Thank-you kindly. *bows* That is what I have been doing. He'll come up sooner or later.
    I feel like this batch might bring him...just maybe...
    Hopefully Giratina :x Still trying working on testing out whether or not I'll be able to catch it in a pokeball...If it's too unlikely, I may switch to Ponyta or something and go after Giratina after my BQ =\

    How's Articuno going? I'm looking forward to hunting it on HG way in the future :p
    Late congrats on Latias! She was a dream shiny of mine for years and I finally got her in White 2 as well last year. It was a wonderful feeling~
    But enough about my Latias, yours is the star now, and such a lovely name too ^_^
    Good luck on your next hunt, and all the ones after that! I'm still trailing the elusive green Sandile... Bleh!
    Heya, massive congrats on getting Latias! Jeez you're reeling in the shiny legendaries, shame I am not doing the same. Thanks for the grats on Mr Mime too.

    What are you planning on hunting now?
    Thanks! She';s a really cute little shiny. Though I am a bit disappointed that she's female. But I'm continuing to hunt for a shiny male one. ^^
    Wow! HUGE congrats on Cobalion RA! Gosh, you've done a great job completing this BQ of yours. I'd be lucky to do another BQ after this Platinum BQ (Giratina springs to mind), but with the amount of long hunts you had...you've done very well. Again, huge congrats on the finale to your BQ, it was a great BQ shiny-wise!
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