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  • Thanks :D I completely empathize with that 20k hunt, but luckily you got rewarded with an awesome shiny ;) And luckily for me, the second Nidoran F didn't really bother me that much...A nice shiny, and a very fast hunt (and in hindsight, just a few REs before actually finding a male, so that part no longer bothers me), so I didn't have much to complain about :p Those bird pokemon I can definitely feel your pain with. I haven't really dealt much with duplicates during a BQ, but I imagine it's more annoying than usual when it happens in a BQ rather than just a regular hunt =\

    Good luck with Litwick...While I'm not a huge fan of that family, Litwick is without a doubt a great looking shiny, so he/she will surely be worth however many REs it takes (but not too long, hopefully :x). And as a side note, it's cool that you've now got your namesake pokemon in shiny form, so congrats on that, and good luck with your other favorite pokemon!
    thnx for wishing me luck with that stubborn Pikachu, but this one specifically will stay Pikachu, you know a Viridian Forest Pikachu, like Red's
    i'll wait for Kalos to breed a really good shiny Raichu, you know DestinyKnot and 100% everstone
    thnx for the tip
    actually i was gonna train a Meowth and teach it Taunt so we can go after Gastly but since i still feel like hunting for Pikachu i decided to stay at the Viridian Forest for one more shiny encounter, i really hope for it to be Pikachu
    either way after this hunt i'm gonna catch a Meowth and go after that Gastly or maybe SR something -Eevee, Snorlax, Hitmonlee or Lapras- but Gastly is definitely a shiny target... shiny MegaGengar is awesome
    good luck with your hunts and congratz on your shinies
    I check the Shiny Hunter Thread before work, notice someone with Raichu in their name, and different coloured posts. I know one person who fits those descriptions, so I checked your shiny card, and it IS you XD
    I've never hunted for a running Lati in HG/SS before, so I'm not sure what advice I could give. ^^; Good luck with your hunt. I hope it shines soon.
    Heya, RA! What a cute little shiny you've gotten! Congratulations! Sorry if I missed it, but did you have any pictures of what it looks like as a Raichu? So, you've finally gotten your namesake in shiny form? Awesome stuff!
    No problem! But shiny Blitzle after only 21 REs!? That is insanely lucky, major gratz! And I don't think I'll ever get over how adorable Carbink is lol.
    Congratulations, RA! I'm really happy for you! Shiny Emboar is so pretty ... in a butch, manly way. ;) Good luck with your next hunt!
    Congrats on the shiny Tepig! ... and literally about a minute before I logged-on to Serebii and read your message to me, I just got my shiny Fennekin in Y! ^__^
    I'm about to make a video of it for youtube. Good luck with your BQ, I can finally get started on mine in Y too.
    Congrats on that Tepig and starting your BQ! He really paid off with those IVs! Good luck with Blitzle :)
    Oh, congrats on Growlithe! And Poliwag! I plan to go for Poliwag eventually too, but I'm waiting till I get Y so I can use it, hopefully, on a main game team :D
    Good luck with Tepig and Pichu!
    Thank you! I'm still looking for that silly Sandile, but it's nice to have some quick hunts on X while I search! Even if I am using the "easy" ways with chain fishing and Friend Safari haha :3
    I'm not sure if you've got any shinies recently, there's been so many posts and I keep getting lost... But congrats on any you have found! I kinda stopped shiny hunting for a long time (even though I started again for like 3 days in September) so I'm out of the loop! What are you hunting currently though? :3
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