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  • Congrats on pidgey! Even though it wasnt the Nidoran you wanted it's still a great shiny to have. Here's hoping the next thing to shine is your male Nidoran, preferably a lot quicker this time too!
    It should motivate you to see another person getting one, I hope.
    Yeah, good luck to you on your Nidoran hunt. It shall be yours!
    Thanks RA :) Hope your mouth feels better soon, I know how bad those giant fillings hurt.. :(
    Good luck with Nidoran.. perhaps you will get a sympathy shiny ;)
    Let's see what happens next. There can't be too many more shiny Spearow to appear, can there? They're beginning to look as common as Raticate.

    I predict something good to happen soon. (I hope!)
    There's a rumour going around that you're trying to build up an army of shiny Spearow to take over the world... Is it true?!

    But seriously congrats and sorry about your 2 latest shinies! Fingers crossed Nidoran is next!
    =\ That's annoying. Hopefully that Spearow didn't take away any luck you had for getting your Nidoran!
    I just saw your VM to Chris, and I wasn't sure if it was recent or not.

    I also just saw your post.


    Yeah, I know you're meant to feel excited and happy that you got a shiny, but when it's like this it begins to get frustrating. I guess I was right that a shiny was soon to appear, though, wasn't I? :S Just that it was the wrong one. Seriously, how many more of these things can you get before you get something different, even if it isn't a Nidoran?

    I hope Nidoran is shiny for you soon, and here's hoping Fearow gains a new evolution in XY so that you can evolve one of them. Adamant is a good nature, though, I guess ...?

    Ugh, sorry to hear it.
    Having said that, it will probably be the first to shine in the Safari Zone and you'd capture it. Just the way it goes, usually!
    Or maybe it will hide like Cpchris's Growlithe and laugh at us from behind a tree or something?

    I have to hunt a Nidoran Male one day. Maybe Fire Red is the way to go. Or I could hunt in HG again. I love that Nidoking. I thought I'd call mine Duke or something if I got a shiny during my BQ. I ended up with his sister instead, which is just as great, but kind of makes hatching Nidoran eggs a bit of an issue, too.
    Okay ... I'm hopeless at this. I much prefer other people's predictions. But I think you'll get your Nidoran Male soon. *glares at RA's game*
    Congrats, RA! It's a little frustrating that it's another Spearow, but you're in good spirits about it. Sorry for my ignorance, but I can't remember whether you have any other shiny Pokémon that belong on that route.

    Next time you go to a route, say that the thing you want the most is the thing you're hoping to shine the least. Backwards thinking, reverse psychology and all that! Then you'll trick your game! lol ... If only it worked like that.
    Thank you.

    Do you think I should keep going with the White Forest method? Or should I maybe try something else? Not sure what ... If I try in Platinum, I have to get a shiny Piplup first! Maybe I should try once more in the Forest and see what happens, I guess...
    G'day! Thanks!

    It was one of those shinies I never thought I'd ever get. Like, years and years ago I thought, "I'd love a shiny Aron!" but I never got around to hunting it. It feels strange to actually have one. He's level 30 now. I am currently EV training him. I'm still on a high!

    Good luck with that bratty Nidoran. I love that guy, such an amazing shiny!
    Haha thanks :). So glad it finally appeared! Would probably have been a little annoyed had it been a Koffing after so many encounters. Definitely feel like I deserve a shorter hunt soon.

    How's your hunt going for Nidoran? Hopefully you don't end up getting another Spearow!
    Best of luck!
    Already at 7900 RE for today.. so I don't think that will happen :( technically based on how many pokemon I have encountered in the game prior to hunting, you could probably say that I have already past the odds..
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