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  • So has the product (WWE) finally gotten too shitty for you? Or are you saving that feeling for a possible Rock vs Cena #3? haha. Believe it or not the WWE thread just isn't quite the same without your posts...
    Right, so I posted an entry in the GWSC, but after being notified by WPS, I believe my entry is invalid because of the no patterns rule. Could you get back to me whether it is or not, and if it is invalid, am I allowed to change it before voting starts, as it doesn't say anything about entry changing in the rules. Thanks in advance.
    Is this better?
    I finished off Kubbul. Its pretty straight forward but it's my first time ever doing somthing like this:

    or [IMG]

    I can add more bits or even slow it down if you want. Hope you accept me!
    Ye because i was gonna see how I got on and if I was any good at animating I could of animated some for imperial sky. Could you maybe tell me how to do it. Ive not done Gimp for like 2 years. lol.
    It probably is the best way to put it. I've always enjoyed spriting, so I'll never give it up. It's just a very periodical thing for me, now. I still have a lot of ideas I want to sprite, so I'll get them done eventually.

    I've been able to play a heap of games. I work often, too. So, I'm happy.
    I found out my Timer0 was wrong. While finding my parameters, my Timer0 kept flip flopping between C7E and C7F. Changed it to C7F, hatched my egg, and viola! I finally got it.
    Really? Two seconds? So if the target time is 12:34:56, you would press 'A' precisely when the clock hit 12:34:54?
    I'm having a hell of a time hitting my seed, it's driving me nuts. I boot the game one second ahead of the given time, mash X as the season fades, grab the egg, and hatch it. The eggs never match any of the frames -____-
    So do you have any RNG tips for breeding? I've got wild encounters figured out, I successfully RNG'd a Deerling, Frillish, and Litwick.

    Now I'm trying to RNG that Omanyte, and seeing as it's not in the wild, gotta breed it.
    It really is, sadly. But it's a great art form. Some amazing things can be done just by putting pixels together.

    And I've been good, as well. Just been playing Super Pokemon Rumble, and working.
    So true. I haven't sprited in a long time. I do miss it, though. The old spriters all need to come back. How have you been, though?
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