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  • Gloom!? 8D Omfg yes please!

    Uhhhmmm... Darn. What name would be nice for it... O__o

    Oh! Could you name it OASIS? :3 *has always wanted a shiny Vileplume*
    Haha, that's okay. ^^ I'll trade you the Bidoof anyways. <3

    Uhhhmmm... Just pick something you think may be nice *and nicknamed LOL* and jump on WiFi :3
    Sorry, the pidgey I caught in leaf green, and traded to emerald. Sorry about that, and no the torkoal doesn't have a nickname.
    Ahh, crud, really? D: Does it have a nickname at all? ^^;;

    I dunno why, but I can't train things without nicknames. >DD Uhm... what about that Pidgey? :3 If not, you can have the Bidoof anyway.
    You go to Slateport City for renicknaming. :3

    Wow, a random encounter shiny o-o

    And EVs and such don't matter so much to me. >3 I just love training Pokemon the way they used to be trained.
    I don't care about natures, whichever you least want to part with is fine. Just so you know the torkoal has 1 level on it, so its ev's shouldn't be that screwed up. By the way I forgot to transfer the torkoal over to diamond so it'll take just like 5-10 extra minutes to do that, if thats fine.
    You didn't want a nickname for it, right? ^^;;

    I'll be ready in a couple of minutes. Hopefully my WiFi will be kind to me >D
    My Bidoofs are Timid (female), Quirky (female), and Calm (female). All at mega low levels. >D I haven't touched them.

    Which one would you like? :3 And sorry for the bombardment of VMs.
    If you'd like, I can trade you two Bidoofs, or a Bidoof and a shiny Doduo. ^^; I just feel that a Torkoal for just a Bidoof seems a tiny bit unfair. >D Whichever you preffer, I guess. Lemme know if you want them nicknamed as well. :3

    Uhm... Could you nickname the Torkoal...VOLCAN? ^_^ And I don't mind waiting for the trade. <3 I'll be here most of tomorrow as well.
    I hope you don't mind VMs...

    I usually don't trade for shinies and such, but a Torkoal sounds pretty sweet. :> If Bidoofs are seriously a favourite Pokemon of yours, I have 3 spare shiny ones if you'd like one *or two/three LOL* of them. They can be nicknamed, as well.

    Question, is the Torkoal nicknamed? Or can it be nicknamed? :3
    I do have other Pokemon as well. I have an extra shiny Doduo, some Japanese shiny Shinxes, which can all be nicknamed, or I could get something else. :>
    Oh yeah, I was gonna tell you about that. The zapados was from pokemon XD, and the kid who you play as looked really stupid. It was awhile ago so I completely forgot:p
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