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  • It seems like we keep missing each other. Sorry about missing you again, I felt really sick after dinner and I needed to get to bed. Sorry again
    I should be able to. Just let me check...........yep I'm free. What time do you want to trade and what timezone are you on
    That's perfectly fine. Give me your FC and I'll give you the dratini. If there's anything else you need just let me know
    There are a few Pokemon I've wanted for a while could you rng them. They are as follows:
    Ability: I cant remember it's dw ability but dragonites is multiscale
    Egg moves: extremespeed
    IV's: As long as it has 31 in speed defense and attack I'm happy

    Nature: sassy
    Egg moves: stealth rock and leech seed
    IV's: 31 in hp attack defense and sp.defense. 0 in speed
    Also could they both be shiny.
    I would love you forever if you could do these
    Thanks so much for your patience! Those four completed my starter pokémon list so I'm very happy :) Ah, that's good to know. I figured you'd need the evo of Vullaby, too, so ;)

    Thanks again!
    At the moment, there is no link. I'm waiting on the others I sent the PM out to to reply.
    just want to let you know, I LOVE the ideas that you pitched to aquakip.

    LOVED them. The only one that I wasn't a complete fan of was changing the names of that attacks, only because it would confuse most people (including me haha) we're planning on adding a few new moves (mainly signature moves for legendaries and possibly bringing in some gen V moves) but Id rather keep all the old moves as well.

    That 3D animation looks amazing btw. Like, wow. I think it'd be awesome if the legendaries were in that form (once we get around to actually designing Tairatu'ah's counterpart, that is)

    Also "I'd ask starmyt myself but he never responds to my messages." I'll respond if you message me! I'm pretty reliable when I'm not completely bogged down with school work (and I'm applying to colleges soon so I might be completely bogged down at some point in the near future) but for now I'll respond. Haha.

    Shovel and Fly. Best. Ideas. Ever. Like, it's probably not that hard to do and I've already been imagining all the things we could do with that fly idea. Obviously we'd edit those ideas a bit, like the shovel can only be used in certain areas where the 'soil is moist' or something, and fly will usually be the traditional teleportation unless standing on a certain tile, etc.

    but seriously, I love the ideas. Love 'em.
    Well, mainly, you'd be in charge of the drawings,similar to those you did for Project Phoenix. Take an idea, draw it out, then we'd sprite it.
    We could really use your help with the sprite project. You're drawing skills are amazing.
    hey, could you please comment on my sprite thread? nobody is actually giving any usefull criticism -.-
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