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  • Heh, thanks. Although I don't think I'd really consider myself "active". I've been meaning to make a new sprite thread for a while, but I'm really lacking motivation at the moment, so yeah.

    I have to agree with you on the WSC thing though, sometimes it's just not interesting.

    Are you planning on entering the summer sprite contest?
    I like that, actually. Although, maybe we could make a new thread, so we don't have to refer to both pages? You could double post the information, (making them both the first post), and then save a third post for when you get more WSC entries. I think that would be the best thing. :)
    Ties and Indigo Isles should be wins, though. I went through and counted, and if you count the ties and Indigo Isles, then i would have 14 wins. But if we aren't, maybe 11 is the right number.
    Wait...I should have either...13 or 14 wins. Before...on the first post, I had 11, then counting the recent contests, that should bring me up to either 13 or 14. I can't remember correctly.
    Cool. How many wins does one need for a Gold trophy? And I can maybe make new trophies when I get back from vacation. :)
    Awesome, thank you very much for your contribution! :D I'll have to think really hard about a new thread then. Surely if there's a limit, we would have to use more posts unless I link them all in the first post. But yeah I'll think it through until the weekend.

    Good luck on the trophies and thank you again for all the help!
    I'm not going to spam his thread, so...

    Most of our work happens on the forum. Myself and a few other members have begun refraining from physically posting here. Why, I cannot speak for the others, and I just haven't been. The success is an all-around perspective, not just pertaining to SPPF, but also to PPF. I know, original acronymn... However, due to the holidays, progress has slowed a bit. We are diligently working at PPF to complete or at least give a solid mass to Project Phoenix.
    Hey, hows it going? What happened to the SCC? It looked like it was going well, I know that you weren't meant to be the head of it, but I thought it would be best to ask you.
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