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  • I knew that he was implying. I never said he could enter, but that it was too late to do so. And remember, your a much more acomplished spriter, being more skilled than most here, with exceptions of course. To dont be giving me the crap with "oh he still has time". I wont believe it. I do highly doubt he'd be able to finish quick enough, the task being a full devamp.
    If the polls are going up, the entering is closed, no? That means he wouldn't be able to enter.
    Regarding my post in the WSC B-Day Tourney. I did. And with it being Monday, that means it's closed. I'd figure even you, one who's been involved with the WSC much longer than I, would know this. By the way, I'd practice what you preach. Telling me to read the whole thing? I have. Maybe you should look into the same idea there buddy.
    lol. I didnt mean it that way. But I guess it had a double meaning. xD

    And yeah, I guess I will have it all up eventually.
    I finished the dex tonight, so I wanted to show the team. :p

    And yes, each and every pokemon in that dex is perminent. The sprite not be by the end of the project, though, for a few.

    xD I understood that, how about we call you the Sound Maker. That way if you do decide to do music, it wouldnt really change.

    And its fine. I noticed you had no friends, so now I understand why. I'll just think in my head that we are.
    Hey there Raiga :) Thanks for taking the time for writing up the SCC thread, but would you mind getting rid of that Yellow text? It's bad enough reading ID's orange text every time he posts, and it's really hard to read on my skin :x Just a suggestion, that's all.
    If you guys start up that fan region, i know some of those fakemon will be awesome, and the comments on someones thread about most fan-games failling is true. Most people underestimate how hard they actually are. Like me and Iyoto, its based on a FR blah (you know what i mean), but now we just use it to make maps.
    Dude... Those... Are.... AWESOME!!
    I love the Sudowoodo, and the shading on the lati's is great, is that an original idea?
    I like the bat fakemon the best though.
    Hey there. I've got 2 more sprites on my thread, if your interested :)

    I still think my shading's off, but I think I've improved the outline on these ones compared to the others.
    well, partly for my sake as well as WPS, i posted the link on there to the entry thread. A couple of people thought i weasled my way in.

    both of the sprites i entered both ended second fiddle to someone else. That's why i was happy to see someone come up with a redemption idea. "P
    Hey -Raiga-,
    i've been meaning to thank you for noting my entry in the redo champion poll for what it really was. WPS did such a great job in editing what he had done, it made mine kind of look like i had done nothing.
    Because before i was crammed with stuff to do and actually was going to drop out of the project because of personnal reasons. But now I don't want to.

    If the offer still stands in the future, and I need help, I'll ask. Is that ok?
    Hey mate, just a careful warning... I mean, I appreciate you pointing out where other people make mistakes, but I'll deal with it when I get online, as your post can also be considered spam. Thanks anyway, :)

    woah shiz! sorry. I didnt mean to ignore you. Really.

    I would take you up on the offer...but I'm really enjoying being the only spriter. Sorry.
    *shakes hand*

    Good play, sir. Moving the conversation to VMs. I keep getting excited over new entries whenever I see a new post in the WSC...just to find more of that damn argument.

    So thank you. :p
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