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  • In art, I used to be like that, too. Up until last year, I was (one of) the best artists in the class, so suddenly falling behind and being one of the lowest in the class really threw me off and didn't help with my struggle against my art teacher.

    I've still got a really strong attatchment to Crystal, but even then, when I played HGSS, it was alot better than what it looked like. It's also one of those games that you can enjoy alot, but still enjoy the original games. xDD

    Wow, those fellers look so pretty. Mmm, dark foxes, I must draw them today. *O*
    I knew when I posted my sprite that the design itself was nowhere near perfect when it came to relevance. I had a bit of a hard time trying to get the bottom-half of the body designed. The "random chunks" aren't actually randomly placed, they're floating. xDD It just looks like they're on the actual body. I made them seperated from Arceus' body mainly for the idea of the Distortion World messing with Arceus's body and not allowing it to have proper support, if that makes sense. @__@

    Serris's was rather nice, but I can see how Origin Forme's base was used in it. I'm not too sure if you noticed or not, but the face and the tail area are edited from OF Giratina's sprite. o:

    Ehh;; what can ya do? ^^; I understand alot better now, and I know what it feels like to be a bit frustrated in the spriting section. I had to remove a snarky edit on one of my comments yesterday because I nearly attacked some n00b who ased what a revamp was... .__.

    On the subject of wondering wether art would be a career or not, I'm going through that too. I originally thought that I could do that, but last year's art teacher tore me apart, and I'm still collecting the pieces again and trying to bring back my art inspiration.

    Argh, the people in the art classes who seem to be so much more amazing than anyone else. I apparently was one last year, but it proved my teacher wrong when she assumed that I could pull magic out of my butt and I never did. I SOMETIMES get excited and inspired by great artists, but most of the time it throws me off. xDD

    Have you been playing the Japanese HGSS games? Or are you waiting for the English versions?
    Wow, your post in the latest poll was a little harsh. >: Not all of them were that bad...

    Haven't heard from you in a while either, how's it going?
    Oh you can suprise yourself, i do that a lot. I actually have pretty low expectations for myself when it comes to spriting. My thread's pretty dead too, but i still put sprites in it in case anyone actually clicks on the link in my signature. Haha, anyway thanks again for the post! Good luck with any contests you enter in the future, too!
    O, real sorry about that. :D i would like to see your animation when you're done anyway! post it somewhere. Sounds of good quality..
    I agree with you about the winter contest. It was up and full in 8 hours. The same thing happened at the summer contest. They really should increase the number of entries. They could easily get 32 entries into that contest then we'd be able to enter.
    Sorry about that, but it wasn't me. My cousin is the only one that used my Forum acount for the past week, and it was most likey him. I'll talk to him about it
    I only started spriting...two years ago??

    Starrmyt basically started by letting me help out at his shop, and it went from there. :3
    Yeah, I understood what you meant.

    Are you one of those people who sprites a lot? Or are you one of the others?
    Yes, you are right. I'm flattered that Papa L. likes my banner, though.
    And Raiga, just in a response to your post, I don't have anything to do in my spare time accept spriting, listening to music and watching movies. I write and draw, but that's about it.
    well its not being used for a rpg yet im getting more sprites together but im making it in to one
    if you dnt want me using then it is fine by me because they are you tilesets
    hi i was just asking if i could maybe use your tile sets on your sprite thread for my own fan game please ?
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