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  • Naw, I don't hate you. At least you sucked it up and apologized, unlike Ken.

    Anyway, that Aveil on my profile is, uh, Lumi.
    As long as you're being honest, I'm willing to forgive you.

    TBH, I think I was more mad at Rin for getting so PMSy afterwards.
    I'm not sure what you expect me to say.

    I kind of want to forgive you for it, but I'm not sure if I should.

    Just answer this honestly, are you sorry because you offended me or because you're out of favor in the FC?
    Thank you for apologizing, even though that stuff with Lumi wasn't the main reason I "left".

    In all honesty, the though of moving my base of operations here was something I had been working on for a while. That fight, if you could call it that, just made the decision easier. Besides, I'm not leaving permanently. The only reason I was on MF was the fics, and you can see how active they are nowadays; someone brings one back up it'll be dead by the next day. If they ever really become active again, then you can be assured I'll be back in a heartbeat.

    Maybe I should briefly go back and say that...

    Oh, and, um, if you see a VM I sent Mon yesterday or the day before, I take it back. I can see you're really feel bad about it, and are trying to apologize, so, um, yeah. You've re-earned my respect (not that it matters much).

    The slightly ironic thing is that Roxy is the only other person who has visited your profile at the time I type this. (Aveil)

    One final thing, welcome to Serebii! xD

    Not only are there RPs here, but there are also several talented fic authors that I'd recomend a read through of their works. There's games here too! A hole subforum of them, full of the Murder games and Survival games like in the FC but also Mafia games like on PO. And of course all the other Pokemon subforums, including one for PokeSpecial (and the lesser known Pokemon mangas). (Plus the only character limits are on the forums themselves, which are around 50,000 characters or so. xD)

    I think you'll like it here. =3 I certanly have.
    Hi Rai. xD

    Well, if you wanna solo a fanfic, try the fanfiction area. If you wanna go in a fic like in the FC with people, try the RolePlay Sign Up area. Don't forget to read the rules though, cuz they're much stricter than the FC
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