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Last Activity:
Dec 19, 2016
May 4, 2008
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New Sanfrakota

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Well-Known Member, from New Sanfrakota

Raikou_fan was last seen:
Dec 19, 2016
    1. sobbos
      Flash Fire, Calm Nature, HP, Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.

      Your inbox is full.
    2. Ckeen
      Hey bro ill trade you a shiny protein greninja for the goomy
    3. darklord18
    4. SmeargleRocks
      Would you like to trade today
    5. Pokeman1234
      Raikou! :D I haven't been on in years! How have you been?
    6. JohnnyBlaze
      Im offering shiny ut quite kyurem in premier ball lv.75 flawless for your shiny JAP Raikou Pm if interested, thnx xD
    7. lurinzoo
      i have shiny oshawott, iw ould like your shiny cyndaquil
    8. Pokemon_Champ
      I have a shiny herdier. I would like your Alamos Darkrai
    9. Lvl_99_zekrom
      Would you trade darkrai for a shiny Japanese raikou
    10. ViperQueen
      HI I have a timid synch., would happen to have an adamant/modest sychn. xD or a snivy (timid and male or female UT)
    11. SilverSoul622
      Hey I am Interested in your Timid New Moon Darkrai, I Have:

      A Crown Suicune, as well as these:

      Pokémon I Have:

      Event Pokémon:

      • Alamos Darkrai (Lv. 50, Sassy)
      • Alamos Darkrai (Lv. 63, Relaxed)
      • Pokémon Movie 07 Darkrai (Lv. 50, Lonely)
      • TRU Shaymin (Lv. 50, Mild)
      • Shaymin (Lv. 10, Sassy)
      • E4All Manaphy (Lv. 50, Lax)
      • Mystery Mew (Lv. 10, Serious)
      • 10 Anniversary Celebi (Lv. 73, Naïve)
      • Wishmaker Jirachi (Lv. 5, Relaxed)
      • World 09 Weavile (Lv. 30, Jolly)
      • Space C Deoxys (Lv. 75, Rash)
      • Gamestop Deoxys (Lv. 100, Bashful)
      • Every 10th Anniversary Event Pokémon

      Legendary Pokémon:

      • Latias
      • Groudon
      • Kyogre
      • Rayquaza
      • Dialga
      • Palkia
      • Giratina
      • Mewtwo
      • Rayquaza
      • Ho-Oh
      • Lugia
      • Heatran
      • I Have Multiples of All The Pokémon Previously Listed, So If You Need a Certain Nature or Anything Just Ask

      Shiny Pokémon:

      • Ponyta * Shiny* (Female, Lv. 42, Mild)
    12. SilverSoul622
      Hi i'm VERY Interested in your modest almia darkrai, (that is the one with Spacial Rend, Right?), I dont have the 3 beasts or eevee or ralts, but I Have other events and such, and wanted to know if you would be interested in any of these:

      a Lvl. 100 Bashful Deoxys from Gamestop

      Lvl 10, Serious, Mystery Mew,

      Lvl 5. Relaxed, Wishmaker Jirachi,

      Lvl 5. Timid, Mystery Gift Jirachi,

      Lvl. 30. Jolly, *Shiny* Pichu (Unlocks Spiky-Eared Pichu)

      Lvl 75. Rash, Space C Deoxys

      Lvl. 42, Mild *Shiny* Ponyta,

      As well as some Items like, A Masterball or two, any TM from 1-50, Any Evolutionary Stone, and a few good TMs from 50 up.

      I Have those pokemon listed And More if your are interested in a trade, I'd be willing to trade more than one for it as well, so let me know what you thing please, thanks, and have a good day
    13. AnorexicSnorlax
      I'm interested in your:
      - Torkoal
      - Rydon

      My shinies are in my signature.
    14. solidgear
      sorry but no
    15. solidgear
      thanks for the trade!!
    16. solidgear
      hey ill be in the room
    17. solidgear
      im in the room
    18. solidgear
      he im ready to trade
    19. VainAttempts
      You are aware people can trick you by saying the pokemon is not cloned.
    20. Mye
      Hmm...I have the celebi, and'll take the alamos darkrai depending on nature/current EVs.
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    New Sanfrakota
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    3DS FC: 2922-0216-0446 - IGN: Tony
    Currently breeding: ;058; Adamant Intimidate Growlithe in Moon balls w/ Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Crunch