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  • Im offering shiny ut quite kyurem in premier ball lv.75 flawless for your shiny JAP Raikou Pm if interested, thnx xD
    HI I have a timid synch., would happen to have an adamant/modest sychn. xD or a snivy (timid and male or female UT)
    Hey I am Interested in your Timid New Moon Darkrai, I Have:

    A Crown Suicune, as well as these:

    Pokémon I Have:

    Event Pokémon:

    • Alamos Darkrai (Lv. 50, Sassy)
    • Alamos Darkrai (Lv. 63, Relaxed)
    • Pokémon Movie 07 Darkrai (Lv. 50, Lonely)
    • TRU Shaymin (Lv. 50, Mild)
    • Shaymin (Lv. 10, Sassy)
    • E4All Manaphy (Lv. 50, Lax)
    • Mystery Mew (Lv. 10, Serious)
    • 10 Anniversary Celebi (Lv. 73, Naïve)
    • Wishmaker Jirachi (Lv. 5, Relaxed)
    • World 09 Weavile (Lv. 30, Jolly)
    • Space C Deoxys (Lv. 75, Rash)
    • Gamestop Deoxys (Lv. 100, Bashful)
    • Every 10th Anniversary Event Pokémon

    Legendary Pokémon:

    • Latias
    • Groudon
    • Kyogre
    • Rayquaza
    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Giratina
    • Mewtwo
    • Rayquaza
    • Ho-Oh
    • Lugia
    • Heatran
    • I Have Multiples of All The Pokémon Previously Listed, So If You Need a Certain Nature or Anything Just Ask

    Shiny Pokémon:

    • Ponyta * Shiny* (Female, Lv. 42, Mild)
    Hi i'm VERY Interested in your modest almia darkrai, (that is the one with Spacial Rend, Right?), I dont have the 3 beasts or eevee or ralts, but I Have other events and such, and wanted to know if you would be interested in any of these:

    a Lvl. 100 Bashful Deoxys from Gamestop

    Lvl 10, Serious, Mystery Mew,

    Lvl 5. Relaxed, Wishmaker Jirachi,

    Lvl 5. Timid, Mystery Gift Jirachi,

    Lvl. 30. Jolly, *Shiny* Pichu (Unlocks Spiky-Eared Pichu)

    Lvl 75. Rash, Space C Deoxys

    Lvl. 42, Mild *Shiny* Ponyta,

    As well as some Items like, A Masterball or two, any TM from 1-50, Any Evolutionary Stone, and a few good TMs from 50 up.

    I Have those pokemon listed And More if your are interested in a trade, I'd be willing to trade more than one for it as well, so let me know what you thing please, thanks, and have a good day
    Hmm...I have the celebi, and'll take the alamos darkrai depending on nature/current EVs.
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