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  • I seem to have terrible luck when it comes to finding random encounter shinies! People say the odds are better in the friend safari but I don't think that's the case, I think it's just a matter of there only being the 3 Pokemon in each safari so the rate at which you encounter wild Pokemon, especially a specific one you're looking for is increased, and X and Y do have a higher shiny rate overall than previous games! The shiny I found wasn't random luck, it was more like determination! Seeing everyone else having such luck in the friend safari I went in with lantern (for illuminate ability) holding a smoke ball and a couple other Pokemon and hunted for like 3 days before finally finding that one, so for me the odds don't appear to be any better!
    Thanks. I added you back and your x version as well. Could you also add me in that version? I would like to get a hidden ability jiggly and floette. Thanks.
    LOTS of patience lol. But yes, RE hunting is basically just running around in a route until something appears. You just gotta stay persistent, something will give eventually.
    If it includes Pokemon in a significant way, then even in a crossover fic which may be more focused on another fandom it'll fit in the main Pokemon section of fics. When it comes down to a ~ 55/45 split, that's good enough. =p
    On your starter game thing, can't Torterra and Blastoise be interchangeable? I ask because "Shell from hell" kind of makes me thing of Hellraiser (you may not have heard of it), but it reminds of a character called pin-head who had pins all over his face, and Torterra has spikes so I thought that worked.

    Also for "The Tank" Battle Tank's have cannon's which is what Blastoise has.

    I get why it's the other one, just wondered if they could be interchangeable? Otherwise judging by your response to pika250 I've got them all right.
    LOL. Some people just don't get the purpose of the rick roll. Well, I don't either, but it sure is fun.
    I'm hoping I wasn't the only one that was rick roll'd from your siggy. REALLY hoping.
    But that was clever, I have to admit.
    hey there, ill be on in a few moments, just finishing a trade here and then I'll add you
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