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Recent content by Rainion

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    Alternatives to Nintendo WiFi USB Connector?

    Seriously, don't change it to WEP. Anyone can crack a WEP key in a few minutes if anyone's actively passing data through. Saying that no one will hack you is stupid because if someone is looking for a wireless network to get access to of course they'd look for the WEP ones first. See if your...
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    Best Custom Gaming Desktop

    He said under 1000, though, so replace the 670 with a 570 and the cpu cooler with a Hyper 212 plus.
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    First game since 3rd Gen, catching up, need assistance.

    Ohh. I'm really sorry. D: A mod can close this then, I guess.
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    First game since 3rd Gen, catching up, need assistance.

    I haven't played pokemon for a long time, since the 4th gen came out and then I still played Emerald more, and even then I only just got into advanced training and breeding. So it's been awhile and I just got Black to get back into the series, yet with an entire new batch of pokemon I have a...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    That's no fun. I kinda took pride in growing them. :P Oh, well.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    That was amazing and very helpful. :D Thank you a bunch. No berries in-game? =[ What a bummer.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Hmm. It's tough deciding between Black or White because of the significant differences this time around. I like the ideas of both Black City and White Forrest. Black has some exclusive pokemon that I like better, like the psychic type, the dark types, and the flying type. However, White Forrest...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Thank you all for your help. ^.^ Looks like I'm going to get BW first and if I get bored of it(even if I don't), by then I'll be able to get HGSS. The reason I probably need to get BW is because I REALLY need to get caught up with the series. Is there anyone that could tell me exactly which...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Tough Decision I need some assistance deciding between buying HGSS or BW. I haven't consistently played Pokemon for a few years, about a year after DP. I still browse communities occasionally and replay Emerald intensely to satisfy the crave and the old feelings I used to get, but that's really...
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    Are you still active by any chance?

    Are you still active by any chance?
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    Hey, what's up man.

    Hey, what's up man.
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    Your Top Ten Animes.

    I haven't watched Anime for a long time. Dragon Ball/Z/GT and Case Closed would have to be my favorite, although I'm sure there are stronger story lined animes, I haven't watched many.
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    The Dragon Ball Series

    The live-action movies are terrible. You can't even compare the Dragon Ball series to the Dragon Ball movie. Leaves way to much out. IIRC, in the movie didn't Goku kill King Piccolo with the kamehameha wave? Lol.
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    You have something to show me? Explain. NOW. :P

    You have something to show me? Explain. NOW. :P
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    The Dragon Ball Series

    I've been meaning too, but with me re-watching Dragon Ball first and not remembering most of it, I believe it would mess me up a little. Plus, the first season is on DVD/Blu-Ray so I'll just get that and watch before Season 2 starts.