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Rainy Bluefoxie
Last Activity:
Sep 3, 2015
Feb 8, 2013
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Rainy Bluefoxie

New Member

Rainy Bluefoxie was last seen:
Sep 3, 2015
    1. DarkAssasen
      You canceled the trade because you had already gotten the Pokemon that I was going to trade you remember
    2. Rainy Bluefoxie
    3. markahlpatton13
      im in the room
    4. markahlpatton13
      are you still online
    5. Earendil
      Thank you for the trade!
    6. Earendil
      Okay. I'll be in shortly. Sorry about the delay.
    7. Rainy Bluefoxie
      Rainy Bluefoxie
      Alrighty. I'm down here already.
    8. Earendil
      Thank you. I'll head into the room after I update my Pal Pad.
    9. Earendil
      Sorry, I guess I missed your VM. Please post them on my wall, as I don't receive any kind of a notification if you do it here.

      Oh, and I'll be trading from White, the friend code for which is in my signature.
    10. Rainy Bluefoxie
      Rainy Bluefoxie
      I can do it now actually. What's your friend code?
    11. Earendil
      Okay, great. When would you like to trade?
    12. Rainy Bluefoxie
      Rainy Bluefoxie
      I have it on my black 2 game. And that's fine.
    13. Earendil
      Thanks for looking at it. Also, which Generation is it currently in? Please bear in mind that it should only say 2011 if it was transferred forward to Generation V in that year; however, it'll still retain the fateful encounter tag regardless of the transition.

      And it's just a normal HeartGold Kyogre, so it won't be listed anywhere. However, there is information about Emedded Tower here
      http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Embedded_Tower and here http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/johto/embeddedtower.shtml.

      Here is all of its information:

      Name: カイオーガ
      Species: Kyogre
      OT: JOJO (in Japanese English font)
      ID No. 20813

      Level: 50
      Experience: 156250, 9563 to next level (untrained)

      Caught in: Heavy Ball

      Calm nature.
      Apparently arrived at Lv. 50.

      HP: 164
      Attack: 105
      Defense: 106
      Special Attack: 170
      Special Defense: 162
      Speed: 104

      Ability: Drizzle
      Moves: Aqua Ring, Ice Beam, Ancientpower, Water Spout
      Ribbons: None
    14. Rainy Bluefoxie
      Rainy Bluefoxie
      Ok man My Arceus Checks out but can I get a link like that so I can check your Kyogre?
    15. Earendil
      Oh, okay. Depending on which Generation the Pokemon is currently located in, you can cross-check it against the Arceus directly underneath "2009" on this page: http://serebii.net/events/dex/493.shtml.

      And yes, the name is in Japanese. The only time a name will change from Japanese into English is if a non-nicknamed Pokemon evolves in an English-language game. Then, it will have a Japanese OT, but an English name.
    16. Earendil
      Oh geez. Sorry, but it's definitely hacked, then; the OT should just be TRU.

      I guess I'll go for one of your Eevees, then. Is it all right if the Kyogre I have is Japanese? It's still completely untouched.
    17. Rainy Bluefoxie
      Rainy Bluefoxie
      I don't know is the thing my friend. All i know when i got it, It's OT was TRU2011
    18. Earendil
      Oh, okay. Thanks for the clarification. Tentatively, yes; first, though, could you please tell me what event is your Arceus is from? I might actually be interested in that instead.
    19. Earendil
      Oh, and what event is your Arceus from? I just noticed that you posted about that as well.
    20. Earendil
      I thought you had said two of them had their Dream World abilities?
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    My Friendcode is 1848 2512 2833
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