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  1. Raito

    Members vs. Staff Members

    i'm sad that there's no pokemon for the number 0.
  2. Raito

    Uhhh Team?

    closing thread for now. XJirachiX, repost this in the ingame forum if its for the battle frontier or pbr wifi, otherwise pm me so i can help you remake your thread so i can make it more ready for this particular forum. also consider this a minimodding warning CreepacisT and Zeferous.
  3. Raito

    Toxic Team Help D:

    Team needs to be complete, descriptions need to be added, and you should probably browse smogon for team ideas. pm me with a draft of your new thread, and then i will give you permission to repost =)
  4. Raito

    dumb ho. dumb *** ho.

    dumb ho. dumb *** ho.
  5. Raito

    gay. ***got gay.

    gay. ***got gay.
  6. Raito

    This is my team

    we need things in terms of evs, and we also need descriptions. this has to be locked for now. pm me with a new thread and i will let you know if you can repost or not.
  7. Raito

    JT's Dream Team

    oh lord. expect infractions coming
  8. Raito

    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Ice isn't super effective against rock. Running Brick Break, Earthquake, Thunderpunch or even Thunder Wave are better options over Ice Punch for coverage or strategy. Smeargle is Smeargle. However with Regigigas, an Adamant or Jolly nature would work wonders. And more investment into its...
  9. Raito

    Members vs. Staff Members

    combo breaker. 0 =)
  10. Raito

    Please help my platinum team

    Is this team being used online or just for the battle arena? If it's the latter, post so I can move it, where you can get help more suited for your needs.
  11. Raito

    need help with team

    Please read the stickied rules. Also look at the teams around the forum to see what an rmt should look like Teams have to be fully made to be rated. Also, don't double post.
  12. Raito

    Check out my first online team.

    RMT format isn't up to par. willyb13, please arrange your thread to be like pokemon @ item nature evs ability -move -move -move -move and a comprehensive description of how each pokemon adds to the team, not how you got it or why you like it. and send it to me in a pm. then i...
  13. Raito

    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Shadow Sneak. If you still like Special Lucario, you might be better off with Vacuum Wave over Psychic and Dark Pulse over either Dragon Pulse or Calm Mind. If you drop Calm Mind, Expert Belt or Choice Specs may be good items to use instead of Wise Glasses. If you want to use Physical...
  14. Raito

    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Adamant @ Leftovers Serene Grace Headbutt Body Slam / Thunder Wave Bite Earthquake Headbutt is the main attack for flinching the opponent. Body Slam offers a STAB and 60% paralysis against grounds, while Thunder Wave is guaranteed against all but grounds 100%...
  15. Raito

    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    You could always eschew Sleep Talk for another attack. It makes you more vulnerable to switchins, but lets you have more breathing room when it comes to attacks to choose from.