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  • i sent a friend request so we can talk a bit better now...you seem like a nice person so why not :D like i said ill have some results in a day or so depending on the person when they log back on ;)
    well dang sorry but you know you have to join the club before posting in that thread >.> you could of lurk in someones vm's of my friends to tell me i thought it wasn't full XD but ill clean it out...also you could of posted in silent's shop that would be a bit kinda more related XD
    Hey whats up, out of the ones you've mentioned, I am interested in

    #228 Houndour (Female) Lv 1 (UT) Nature: Timid/ Often Dozes off
    #527 Woobat (Male) Lv 11 (UT) Nature: Calm/Often dozes off

    Which ones are you interested from the list ?
    It seems that your PM box is full and therefore you cannot receive any new PMs. As such, I've copied and pasted the reply I intended to send.

    It turns out I've made a mistake. I thought my friends had a DWf Corphish they could trade me, (of whom we basically freely share DWf's we've got), but they only had a male. Is there anything else you're wanting that could replace it? I've got numerous de EVing berries of every type, and the berry that raises attack in a pinch.
    Well, there's nothing else I want or need (for the time being, at any rate). So... I'll be fine with the remaining 4 female DW ability things.

    Your 3 RNG requests are complete. But as a suggestion, I recommend you save before evolving the Aipom. I don't know if this glitch/error is still in Generation V, but in Generation IV, a Generation I~III Pokemon with two Abilities may randomly decide to swap its Ability upon evolution. Unintentional-wise, I had an Intimidate Growlithe suddenly become a Flash Fire Arcanine upon evolution, and intentional-wise, this was how I got Sheer Cold No Guard Machamp. So... heads up. It'd suck for this flawless shiny Aipom to suddenly become an Ambipom with Pickup.
    unfortunately since i moved my new router is a wpa 2 and the ds i have only plays wep, i cant seem to figure out how to keep my wpa2 for my router and also run a wep same time? any help? hope im not confusing...
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