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Last Activity:
Nov 30, 2019
Sep 13, 2011
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Professional Breeder

randomarth was last seen:
Nov 30, 2019
    1. Cloudchild75
    2. FairyWitch
      i sent a friend request so we can talk a bit better now...you seem like a nice person so why not :D like i said ill have some results in a day or so depending on the person when they log back on ;)
    3. FairyWitch
      well dang sorry but you know you have to join the club before posting in that thread >.> you could of lurk in someones vm's of my friends to tell me i thought it wasn't full XD but ill clean it out...also you could of posted in silent's shop that would be a bit kinda more related XD
    4. Cloudchild75
      Your inbox is full again my dahling.
    5. RegiGuy
      Sorry, it wasn't. Maybe in the next 30 minutes?
    6. RegiGuy
      Hey, I'm available to make the trades tonight. Sorry I got caught up with school.
    7. Rai+
      (You've reached your PM quota! I can't message you back xd)
    8. Ausgirl
      Thanks for the trade.
    9. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Yo inbox is full yo ;^;
    10. super_sonic914
      Same to you, I didn't realize it earlier but we traded for berries before lol ^^

      Thanks again

    11. super_sonic914
      Alright i'll be heading in the room now
    12. super_sonic914
      Yes that would be good :)

      3783 6893 1596

      I'll go import them now
    13. super_sonic914
      Hey whats up, out of the ones you've mentioned, I am interested in

      #228 Houndour (Female) Lv 1 (UT) Nature: Timid/ Often Dozes off
      #527 Woobat (Male) Lv 11 (UT) Nature: Calm/Often dozes off

      Which ones are you interested from the list ?
    14. Cloudchild75
      You mustn't have cleaned your inbox very thouroughly LOL it's full again.
    15. Cloudchild75
      Your pm inbox is full lol Yeah, at 40 the shiny encounter rate is 2%.
    16. Ilane
      Thanks for checking my shop.
    17. Cloudchild75
    18. DX 2401PT
      DX 2401PT
      It seems that your PM box is full and therefore you cannot receive any new PMs. As such, I've copied and pasted the reply I intended to send.

      It turns out I've made a mistake. I thought my friends had a DWf Corphish they could trade me, (of whom we basically freely share DWf's we've got), but they only had a male. Is there anything else you're wanting that could replace it? I've got numerous de EVing berries of every type, and the berry that raises attack in a pinch.
      Well, there's nothing else I want or need (for the time being, at any rate). So... I'll be fine with the remaining 4 female DW ability things.

      Your 3 RNG requests are complete. But as a suggestion, I recommend you save before evolving the Aipom. I don't know if this glitch/error is still in Generation V, but in Generation IV, a Generation I~III Pokemon with two Abilities may randomly decide to swap its Ability upon evolution. Unintentional-wise, I had an Intimidate Growlithe suddenly become a Flash Fire Arcanine upon evolution, and intentional-wise, this was how I got Sheer Cold No Guard Machamp. So... heads up. It'd suck for this flawless shiny Aipom to suddenly become an Ambipom with Pickup.
    19. whodaname
      your box is full btw
    20. whodaname
      unfortunately since i moved my new router is a wpa 2 and the ds i have only plays wep, i cant seem to figure out how to keep my wpa2 for my router and also run a wep same time? any help? hope im not confusing...
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    White FC: 0733-5807-2270
    Black 2 FC:0090-2833-4096

    3DS FC: 5155-3003-5369 IGN: Jacob
    Friend Safari is Gyarados, Poliwhirl, Bibarel


    Want to MM? I have Japanese Dittos!
    I also have access to every pokemon needed to complete the Unova national 'dex.