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  • Hello i've just posted about the Durant strategy in the Battle Subway Discussion & Ranking Hall thread. I really hope some people pick up the baton and try this team out in practice
    Hello i was just flicking between profiles and saw you talk about the old thread of yours with Durant although i myself don't have access to dream world abilities this pokemon has been very successful in smogon recently just wondering if you want me to bump it for you as its a great idea that more people need to be aware of. Or you could post the team in the subway records and discussion thread to draw attention to it.
    This thread? I could, but I have no idea what to say since I don't keep up with the 5th Gen. Give me something to say :p
    That's the album my friend made.

    And even in this new arc, I think a character or two have lost their arms already so yeah. :p

    Damn Ho-Oh won't get into the Dusk Balls. >_>
    And the Captain who died was a bad guy, so he doesn't count.

    Arms. I had a discussion with my friends about that. Kubo seems to be having an arm fetish. My friend even went and compiled all of the scenes where Kubo lopped off arms from his characters... and I have to say, there's a whole bunch of them. lol
    Kind of the same with Bleach really. Up until the last arc, most of the good guys don't die. It's only in this arc we're seeing some death from the good side, lol. Kubo was even more ridiculous than Kishi; at least some of the semi-important characters in Naruto do die. Like Jiraiya.
    Nope, but Bleach is currently on its final arc. God knows how long this final arc will be, lol. But the anime did stop after the Fullbring arc. Well, that, or it's taking a break, idk.

    When you say "half", do you mean really invincible like Madara or "technically" invincible because of plot? :p

    So is mine's Rhyperior. She does occasionally complain getting outsped by ScarfBounceKarp though.

    XD You still read Bleach though? Lol. I just love how the two of them became so broken, only Madara less later.
    *appears out of nowhere*

    How's the Battle Subway treating your grandma's Geodude? =P

    You've stopped rating the 4th Gen, no?
    ok now that im out of the battle subway i have:
    masterballs, electirizer, dubious disk, reaper cloth, heart scales, shiny stone, moon stone, tms, psyshock, roar, bright powder, dusk stone. what are you look for in specific?
    items i need:power belt, lens, band, weight
    im in the battle subway right know so i cant look, is there anything you can think of that you want?
    i have tons of luckey eggs i got from that man on the beach near undella town. vm me if you still need one:)
    hey if you srtill need a lucky egg, i can give you mine in exchange for the shiny you were talking about
    I'm not even going to guess what those stars stand for.
    Wouldn't it just be psychologically terrifying? People might not be who they look like, nothing's really real anymore.
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