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  • omg Serebii's so slow today DDDDDD: hold me

    Yeah I doubt that :p
    Yeah but waking up this late feels wrong to me :/
    Why I didn't respond to what? I thought I responded to everything :/

    No she always stops texting me in the middle of our conversation :( I just couldn't sleep last night
    Aww thankies *hug* ^_^

    It's 1 am here too. That means we live close to each other ;) I'm not tired either.
    Well you're such a cutie ;)

    Thank you I will :D I need to start hanging out with her more anyway. But if she rejects me, I'm coming for you ;)
    I don't wanna marry a rich girl, I wanna marry someone I love :/

    That girl I told you I liked just started texting me. Now I feel even more awkward D:
    No VM is fine :)

    Basically, some girl from my high school started calling and talking with some Japanese accent (I can tell it's fake though) but I still don't know who she is. She does it every couple of nights. Then a little while ago, my friend IMed me while I was talking to her and I had a feeling that they were in the same room. Because she just told me what I IMed to him. Then after we hung up, that same friend told me to stop liking a girl I like because one of our other friends likes her too. It's weird but I have no idea. :x
    No most don't :(

    Well there's actually some big conspiracy thing going around me. At least I think. Long story though.

    That's a good song :)
    I don't like disaapointing people :p

    I'm fine too. A little creeped out from some phone stalker girl though :p
    Hi............just 2 let u know theres no one that i know thats logged on right now so....................Im at games............ok that was rude
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