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  • I don't believe in the whole 'best set' theory. I do tend to use a bulkier set however. I believe my all time standard was 252 HP/ 160 Defense/ 56 Speed/ 40 Special Attack. The 40 Sp.A assured a OHKO on I think bulky Gyarados with Discharge? Something along those lines, I could find it if you really care. The rest is self explanitory once you look into it. I ran a Dual Screener set with Discharge and the form specific attack. Dual screening works wonders when your all time sweeper is Garchomp ^_^ And for the standard metagame it will protect Sciz/Mence and makes them rape.
    Hehe, not hard to imagine that happening, is it? ^_^;

    Even if it does cull a bunch of game help questions, at least it should go a ways towards cutting down the spam threads. I hope so, anyway.
    "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe."
    Movie DVDs are Tuesday, generally. I seem to remember Tuesday being video game day as well, but Nintendo in particular has been using Sunday as their day for a few years now.
    i was just saying what other people are saying, to see what you think of it, i never said i believed it, if anything i would say it isnt but fine then
    Just to be clear, because you seemed to be confused. I never claimed to have taken part in Smogon's testing. I just said that I've done suspect testing before. It's done in every game that comes out (except maybe Action 52 caliber games, but those aren't even real games).
    Ohhhh, it's in the intro scene, the "world of Pokemon" part. It showed the two Legend of Thunder agents capturing Rayquaza, with the scientist Sebastian keeping it in his lab.
    Okay, I'll be keeping my eye on him. It's best if you also post links to problematic posts too so I can get to it faster.
    so... what do you think of the idea that i added a thread to ask about people's opinion about the 4th gen sections?

    personaly i think this is just a good way for the mods to see what bothers people or not but i somehow have the bad feeling that the opinionthread is going to end up as another postcountfarm the way it goes now.
    it's about all sorts of stuff and sometimes even about nothing at all>_>

    after my last reply to you i dispatched a message to erik destler proposing a remake of the rankinghalls where both D/P and the battlefrontier are fused into one and if he could sticky it for me to prevent doom once more but eversince he hasn't replied back to me and the chanse he will is close to zero.

    the mods on this site are so difficult when it comes to that, it's never certain if they'll reply back or not.
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