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  • I should specify what I am wanting to know.

    I know already that Jirachi from the Colosseum Bonus Disc is already generated by a seed 0-FFFF (instead of FFFFFFFF) highly reducing its variability. The product of the simple seed algorithm commonly used generates 4 numbers, that in order give you:

    1st: The top portion of PID
    2nd: The bottom portion of PID
    3rd: The IVs of Def/Att/HP
    4th: The IVs of S. Def/S. Att/Spd

    This is basically a modified version of method 1.

    So, basically, I want to find out the seeds that are producing my Jirachi.
    I was wondering if I can ask you about how you can test a nature/IV combination of Colosseum Jirachi and see if its legit.

    Here is one thing I found.
    I don't know about BW2 since I haven't played it, but in BW, there were no pokemon with other EVs in the spots.
    You still need to know in advance that they do that. If you're not using a guide, you'll never know that. I personally don't like using guides, because I feel like I'm cheating.

    But with the other game I used as an example (sorry, I know this is sounding like one of those cleaning commercials where I'm comparing two brands; I still think Pokemon is a great game), I never needed a guide. You can always see your Aptitudes/EVs, so anything you do that changes them, you always know exactly what's increasing. Not to mention, in Pokemon you have to walk back and forth to get into a random battle. With the other game, one command, and you're exactly where you need to be.
    Looks like there's two more problems with Pokémon: 1) You have to know what you're doing before you do it, and 2) You have to move your character around the screen in order to accomplish the game's main activity.

    I've refrained from being too critical of alternate points of view, but we're at the point where the clock is just counting down to, "The problem with Pokémon is that there are all these weird magical creatures everywhere you go." e_e
    If I battled M2K or Gimpyfish say, they would beat me in practically any circumstance.

    However, I enjoy playing against people better than me, like my friend.

    I also played against a store employee who I noticed was good with Ike. I complemented his Ike usage.
    I also played in my university, where I would always beat some people, and would never win against others.
    Pokemon isn't like Smash Bros. where you just pick a character and repeatedly get your arsed kicked if the opponent is simply better than you. :p

    Although losing isn't that bad.
    To give you an assurance as to why I started the thread is mainly for my own personal research. I'm not here to ask GF for Pokemon to be much more mature. I'm here to understand different opinions and answers since I'm sure that it is hypothetical.
    I'm an early Video Game Designer you see. I'm currently creating my own video game inspired by the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series and the Main series. It is for me to know your answers (and other Pokemon fans) as what makes the Pokemon franchise successful, the lessons they learned from their mistakes, and what are the challenges that they still have to face. Normally, I should already know most of it by now. But I want to hear other people's answers and opinions. My age is 19 now if you need assurance.
    Not every Wi-Fi hotspot is exactly the same. Just because it exists doesn't mean the game system will work with it.

    DS games and DS systems can only use WEP or unsecured connections. DSi and 3DS systems (and their respective games) can handle WPA connections as well. You are far more likely to have success at chain retail and restaurants with a DSi or 3DS since 99% of the time they are some type of secured connection.

    As I've said several times, this is a worldwide internet forum. No one is going to be able to tell you Place X on the corner of Main Street will have working Wi-Fi for Game System because no one here lives near you. Your best bet is to take your system and try it yourself. McDonalds might work. It might not. You might have success at one McDonalds but not another. It might work at one local library branch but not the other. You might have no success at all.
    Okay but what if I take my DS Lite and my DSi to this deli two blocks over where I think they have Wi-Fi? Will they both work? Will only one work? Will one work only when the other doesn't work? What if neither one works, can I get a refund? Please answer my questions!!!
    OMG! GTFO GAMEFREAK! Too many snakes!
    I'm tired of these mother****ing snakes in these mother****ing games.
    I think if a few people were eliminated it wouldn't be as bad. I know a guy who knows a guy...

    Three factions exists at this thread:
    a. those who cling on to reality truths too much
    b. those who cling on to personal ideals too much
    c. those who balance their beliefs with the reality

    Personally, I bet to talk to the one who started this thread if you are here. I see you as a type c. Good analysis that all of you have. True that this series MAY need a new spiritual successor for the old top dog (Pokemon) to rest after a possible 10 to 15 years. But I think you are thinking it just right. not too soon yet not too late. But right now, the Pokemon spin offs have a way of surpassing its original source.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, which is MADE by Chunsoft (creaor of Many Mystery Dungeon Games) and CONFIRMED by Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company is a nice example. The 2 capitals play completely different rules. In other words, Gamefreak allowed Chunsoft's permission to make the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series. You can also say this to Tecmo Koei's (creators of the Samurai Warriors Series) Pokemon Conquest.
    Do you know what this means?

    No seriously, what the hell is this guy talking about? I don't understand!
    I wanted to thank you on two accounts. First, thank you for answering my previous VM question seriously. I don't think you would be the one to make stuff up.

    Also, thank you for trying to answer my bootleg question. It isn't really a cart I own, but a game store that I like to go to had it, and they showed me that issue. I wanted to see if there was a way to tell it was fake, even if there is nothing noticeable about the color of the cart. From what I read from another site, they are not able to trade or Pal Park. I can't quite confirm it, but I will keep that in mind.

    And sorry about that previous VM. I shouldn't unleash the things that come out of the dark crevice of my mind.
    I'll say it right now. Ever since the metagame went online, it hasn't been as much fun. Let me explain why (and for once, the reason isn't because of Smogon).

    Back in the days of Gen 1-3, you needed to connect two Gameboys/GBAs together in order to battle another player. This allowed for more interaction between players not only in the game world, but in real life too. When you battled, you could see their face and expression. When you caught them offgaurd with a move or Pokemon, you saw that 'look' (people that grew up with older Gens know what the 'look' is), they'd get mad at you and you'd both have a laugh about it later. This was my experience with Pokemon when I was younger.

    Nowadays, it's online. You talk to an in-game character, go into a 'room', and do battle against a name with no face. It just doesn't have the same feel of being right next to the person you're battling. It doesn't even feel like you're battling another human anymore. You're battling a total stranger, and you can't see their expression. You can't see the 'look'. And you can't laugh about it with them after it's over. It's just not as fun.
    Chodes. Ugh.
    Oh. But you'd have had to participated in the Aspertia Season. :(

    But if you join a League, you could probably ask someone to trade it to you. The benefits of being in a League. Also, you can participate in Nats even if you don't go to a single Regional; just not Worlds. Also, you can possibly get into Worlds without ever doing a Wi-Fi Tourney; it's just a lot of help. The earlier you are eligible, the better. You can only gain points, not lose them, so getting as many points as possible never hurt. You would have to place well at every Regional (not to mention needing to go to multiple Regionals) you take part in if you wanted to play in Worlds.
    Hahaha. To get the Scizor, you have to be a part of your Local Pokemon League. Those are unfortunately TCG-based though. But a lot of TCG players also have DSes so you should be ok. I'd suggest doing it for sure. :D
    If I may ask a serious question, in an somewhat earlier post you made, you said that Satoshi Tajiri was being treated for depression. May I ask where you heard that?
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