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  • Hi there. Are you interested in either a Distant Land Suicune (Timid) UT, a Distant Land Jumpluff (touched) or Hayley's Phione (Sassy)
    Yes, I remember. DP Coast League if I'm not mistaken.

    To each is their own, naturally but I was merely pointing out that you are quite apt in your suggestion that there's a schism between DP battles and CRMT for that reason: they don't battle here.
    Would you be intereted in a UT Plat. Giratina with the IVs of 22/0/4/14/22/29, I will be glad to teach it any move from the Plat. Move Tutors for you, but if you want one from the Tutor near Survival Area, you might have to wait a bit, and the Giratina is Nicknamed "Spook"
    "I guess my post got lost.

    It's important to remember that just because a Pokemon has a high base number in [whatever], it doesn't mean it's useful.

    Flareon has a great base physical attack, but lacks a good physical attack move pool, especially good physical fire attacks. It's best STAB physical attack is Fire Fang, but misses out on Fire Punch and Flare Blitz."

    A valid point, but the person asked simply for Pokemon with a high Special Attack stat, and that list answers his/her question. Doubtless I would have recommended a very different list if he/she had asked for competitively viable Pokemon that have a high Special Attack stat.

    Just to clarify. I fully agree with you though that there is much besides the stat itself that can determine the usefulness of a Pokemon. Just look at Regigigas and Slaking, right? Smeargle being in the same tier as Slaking is a testament to just how much can impact the viability of a Pokemon.
    I Shall Continue To Waste It However I Wish, But Once Again I Never Touch The Shift Key I Am Constantly Switching Caps On And Off So This Has Now Become A Habbit And Is Nearly Impossible For Me To Stop.
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