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  • Yeah, many apologies about that; my mind was going on a thinking trip and I let that one loose without putting any critical analysis about whether it would have been a good thing to mention.

    That's my weird, dark side of my mind for you.
    I'm sorry, was that too awkward? I was only really comparing the goofy skit to how people think that the oldest is the best when change can be a good thing. That's all I really meant by it.
    This may sound kind of dirty, but when people bring up, "The good ole days of Pokemon", it makes me think of the SNL parody skit for the old fashion menstruation pads. The commercial basically starts with women talking about the good ole days, and hilarity ensues when they make fun of the aforementioned product. Just the beginning of that skit makes me think of how pointless it is to just say that the "good ole days" is the only good thing about Pokemon, when there were flaws in the series at that time as well. For the record, that is the reason I find the skit funny. I'm not being perverted or anything.
    You really should. Just itemize it:

    - Why FPS games are not a threat
    - Why Pokémon will never be a console series
    - Why your idea is unrealistic and you should really stop arguing for it

    and so on.
    The thing that irks me is when people say "But Halo" or "COD" or whatever the popular FPS is nowadays, they say it in a way as if FPS is a brand new genre of gaming experiencing mega-success. FPS have been around since the early 1970s, and were some of the first majorly successful games on personal computers.

    FPS have been around for a long time, and so has JRPGs. They'll continue to both have success simultaneously, and the success of one is not a threat to the other. They're completely different types of games that people play for completely different reasons.
    I may borrow this in the future.
    Ah, the lack of the apostrophe in your message confused my reading. Well, seems like the thread was locked anyway.
    The part I was calling irrational was some guy being disappointed that DP didn't revisit Hoenn, even though Hoenn was the focus of the game right before DP was released.
    I see, my bad.
    Is there a program on the internet I can use to access Nintendo wi-fi without USB?
    I love this.
    if you go to bulba's dream world page and go to the pages for each area you can see which berries are found there in the item list. it's not ideal, but it works
    Now they're saying that Deviantart makes better fakemon than the actual Pokemon. Pretty out there!
    Actually in all fairness that sounds about right, but either way I think their should be a statement as to how there are more non-unova Pokemon in Eastern Unova than anywhere else in the region.
    If you ever get the urge to just start beating certain people up, shoot me a PM. I'll hold, you punch.
    well your right but he was a nice dude alot of people still want him back ... and u have a point , not lots of people like clones but i really want them to have tht battle they promised each other..... do u think hes a bad character?
    Was I straying off topic a bit too much? I was trying to make a point that a person who preferred older titles doesn't have to whine about newer ones.

    Oh yeah, it was nice of you to contact me. I hope you're doing well.
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