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  • Excuse me, I added some good shadding for my Fire Emblem mug, can you go see if I did it properly? ^_^;
    Okay, generally the polls go up around just under a week from the time of the first post. So get it in at least 2 hours before the week is up.
    LMAO! You think that was a scratch?? Hell no! I can't scratch very well. That was Tower Tycoon Palmer's head, on a Gentleman's body, edited a bit to thin it, with a rotated and edited Guitarist's guitar, Palmer's left arm, a RSE Expert's right hand, a Swimmer's right arm, the Gentleman's right hand, Elite 4 Aaron's legs, a Cue Ball's Pokeball, all highly edited.

    I only scratched teh Smashing Pumpkins flag on teh shirt, a tiny bit fo the hair, teh fire, which sucked, the tears in teh jeans and on the right shoulder if the jacket. Maybe just a little bit of something else I can't remember.

    I may have seen your sprite thread, there were a few new ones recently started that I get confused. Either way, you're not suzume, so yours was pretty good, as was everyone's but suzume's and someone else's thast I'm pretty sure wasn't you. I'm no superstar either, but I try.
    Oh! Now I get it.
    Anyway, yes, I had compared it to other maps. The reason for the square patches of stuff is because the village you start in is kinda townhouse-ish - they like everything neat and boxy. As you get farther from civilization, the plants and stuff become more tangled and messy.

    As for 'Yes, you cannot cross the road' I meant that as an answer to the question that I thought people might ast 'can you cross the road?'

    Umm...hi! Thanks for the compliment. When I first got here I had a thread, but it's buried and my compy had a virus so I lost all my work. If I can ever find teh time to dig up my old thread I'll start a new one eventually, but as I don't really get that much time, I don't come up with a whole lotta new sprites.

    It doesn't really look like me, but it's close enough. I do look prettty badass.

    And please, I'm really tired of everyone attackign Yami. she gives teh best crit on artwork of any person on these boards. Spriters here would be nothing if not for her, and whenever she tries to help, people shove her away and lose out on some great advice.

    Did you enter this week? I don't remembe rseeing you post a sprite.
    Uh... I don't think my wisorb sprite is good enough for a game. I think the POSE is, but the sprite itself sucks, cause I suck at spriting. What I mean by 'You can't cross the road' is that you can't cross that huge grey thing, which is the road. And I don't see how my maps 'make no sense'. I mean, I've only done the first two. The Edges of the maps are where other maps are connected. Explain why my maps make no sense, please.

    Taking or willing to take risks: adventuresome, adventurous, audacious, bold, daredevil, enterprising, venturesome, venturous. See safety/danger.
    Can't even spot a typo? Geewiz.
    Your welcome,I happen to be a spriter too.So I like giving comments for other peoples sprites!Here is a Drifloon Inferno for you!
    Thanks Northern Lights. Just tried my first scratch tho, and i know now its a lot harder to sprite than i thought it was. Anyway yeah i'll look for a group to join
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