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  • It's not perfect, but it's still really good and entertaining to watch. There will be another anime out there that should be like it someday :3

    Oh nice! That's a good price. Maybe one day I'll get an account.

    It's really good, or at least to me. I really loved it since the story was so interesting and I related well to one of the characters.

    I've watched a few Sailor Moon episodes, so I get you. I might one day, but I'm watching shorter things at the moment.

    Most of it is Pokemon and movies, but a lot of them are good. ;)

    Oh nice! I usually just try to hit those buy-2-get-1-free sales with manga books.
    Ah, well I watch the show for the action and the characters and the shippings come second :P. I'm sticking to Ezra X Jellal because of everything you mentioned: Scarlet last name, being her only friend, etc.

    Oh nice, hopefully she'll be able to fund that! :) I'm too poor for that kind of commitment >_>

    Oh nice! I've watched a few myself, including Ouran as well X3
    Besides Ouran, I've watched Noragami (Excellent show, btw. I highly recommend), Brave 10, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and now I'm in the middle of Nagi No Asukara.
    I've seen a few episodes of Inuyasha, but it's pretty long, so I'm waiting on that one.
    I don't own a lot of manga, but I did buy some Noragami since it's so good ;w;
    ^Here is my full list of Anime. It's a neat list I keep track of things on.
    I shipped Nalu from the beginning as well ;3

    I'm a really big fan of Jellal X Ezra myself, but that timeskip might ruin it ;-;
    The other ships are fine in my book, lol.

    Have you watched any other anime besides Fairy Tail?
    I'm also glad you got some of your friends into Fairy Tail :3
    Oh that's the last arc I left off at ^-^
    I don't have the Funimation App sadly, so I find my stuff elsewhere XD

    Yes, the Nalu is real. Join the shipping club! <3
    Okay, goodbye until the fall! :) (When you probably will see this message)
    Have a great summer~
    Looks like a rooster hat, lol. But I agree with the Hawaiian theme, as it is very pretty. Ah, I'm going for my owl, even though he is the most popular ;). That's okay since I usually tend to choose the one that is the least popular (Like Chespin in 6th gen).
    Character customization better make a return, as it was one of my favorite things in XY
    Rowlet of course. Lol, yes, I fall with the mass majority for once. The owl is just really cute, and flying types are kind of my thing~
    I really like the new region so far, as it brings a lot of new ideas to the table.
    I'm not a fan of the female trainer, right now though. I am praying for character customization to make a return.
    That's one of my favorite shows. It's hilariously funny and I can't get enough of it
    Hahahahaha. It really picks up after the first story arc, as each character expands into rounder characters. I really, really enjoyed that they showed that the kids were growing up in different ways, and this affected them and they way they interacted with each other.
    :) It's on my planned to watch list, when I get more time to myself.
    Ah I see. Okay, thanks for clearing that up!
    Ah I see. I think I should thank my sister, as she got me into Anime. I believe the first anime I sat down to complete was the first season of Digimon (Which is actually really good)
    I've always wanted to try Fruit Basket, and Angel Beats as caught my eye as well.
    Oh, okay. I might pick it up again if they actually completed it.
    Ah I see.
    Oh I see, well I got into Fairy Tail due to my sister. Was really great :3 That is great news, now you can watch all the anime you like again!
    Ah, what turns me off is someone said the show got cancelled and they never put the crystal thing back together T_T
    Oh I see. I never really used KissAnime, but I know we used it a few times at our Club since we don't get any money. I usually have a hard time finding Anime in general :/ I'm one of those people who watch it watch it on Youtube, so I guess I'm a freerider? I just don't have and can't afford Netflix or any other streaming service T_T
    Oh I remember those XD I kinda watched it all by myself, lol.
    I saw maybe the first 2 episodes of it.
    Yea, it is a bit too complicated XD I hardly remember the older Star Wars, so I'm a bit rusty on my know

    I think they are actually okay because I know some sites might alter the media by speeding it up, etc. Also, they get a ton of ads @_@
    I can't afford Netflix, so I usually just watch Anime from that or an official site like Funimation.
    Hmmm, I don't think that's it, as Luke dissapeared after his fight with Darth Vader. That also seems like a lot of unnecessary memory wiping. She could be a surviving daughter from someone who used to be a Jedi, but after the Jedis were terminated, they never figured out.

    Ouch, that really is in a tight situation. I usually watch it from WatchDubs, but I know KissAnime is also a good site. Those might help.
    Hmmm, I feel like she might be adopted into the family, but I'm not sure.

    I just got candy and chocolate honestly - quite average as well. I used to get a game for Easter, but that stopped a few years ago.
    Oh I have seen it, and nobody spoiled it for me luckily. I understand, I'm pretty busy myself XD
    It was pretty good, I really enjoyed it.

    Yea, I agree with that. They should do in the show I just finished: Alter the Theme song slightly when new characters are introduced to include them.

    Yes :3
    Oh my goodness O-O That is some unawareness right there.

    Hahahahahaha, the truth will soon be revealed ;) Spoilers are the worse.

    I just look at things in the background, opening, and pay attention to the character's dialogue and design. Usually, a design is a huge give away.
    Oh XD I tend to check every once in a while if I miss a VM. It's a good habit to get into.

    Oh, I noticed that as well. I usually notice the small detail people overlook. For instance, I've been watching this Anime lately, and one of the characters was siblings with another character, and I figured it out 2 episodes before the reveal from the way they made their eyes XD
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