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    I sent you a PM about our Tournament Battle. Please make sure that you reply. Our DL is tuesday.
    Yo so I'm up against you in the tournament. I can maybe find a time to battle tomorrow, tonight if you come on, or Monday at the worst. Preferably tomorrow or tonight. My time zone is GMT-4. I look forward to our battle :).
    Ah OK, I'm wanting to set up a wifi tournament in the clan so hopefully we can get that going in the next month or so, it sounds like it'd be awesome :D
    Hey man, this is just a quick question but do you play mons on the actual game? Like if I finished actually breeding a team could we have a wifi battle? I noticed you posted about breeding mons and I think only LC and I are the ones who use WiFi (although I need to RNG a Gen 5 team before I can do Gen 5 battles again, that shouldn't take too long). That'd be awesome if we could. Let me know, it'd be dope!
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