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  • I don't understand why it's so hard to comprehend Clemont is catching the Grass-type starter, ignoring it because you don't wanna be wrong is ridiculous.
    Don't waste your time, reasonable members who don't bash each other/another character, who are comprehensible and not trying to stir up strife are a rarity on these parts. Thinking of shutting myself off from Serebii Anime Section and lowering my activity liked I did with Bulbagarden, since I almost never visit that place anymore.
    Same here, same here. I don't see a point in nitpicking at it, I enjoy it well enough just looking at it from the same point of view I looked at it as a child. I mean, I have things I disagree with but I still love it. ^_^
    True...and I don't think it'd be as bad if Riolu's and Snivy's genders were reserved. Just my opinion though...
    Am I the only one not looking too much into this? A simple scene of Riolu holding Tsutarja, smirking, and firing a point-blank Force Palm causes uproars?

    Like I said;- We've seen this kind of thing before in Pokémon battles and nobody got all bothered about it then. Also gender does not matter in battling.
    /100 respect points for you dood. :) I think it's ridicilous myself, but eh, fandom will be fandom >.<
    Yeah. I'm not gonna pay much attention to the anime spoiler episode threads anymore, keeping up with those is a pain and it feels like I'm wasting my time reading them XD
    Yeah I remember that. Makes me wonder if in Pokemon World they are a little bit closer to humans than some other Pokemon out there.

    Haha ok. ^^ That's fine. XD I imagine we'll talk again sometime. :)
    Yeah, but I don't get why they couldn't introduce them in a new way instead of scrapping them since it seems like that's what they're doing.
    Yeah it would. Obviously they care about their trainers a lot..even though all Pokemon do. Sometimes I think the Psychics might a bit *more* as I remember Gardevoir and Gallade saying how they'd protect their trainer with their life.

    Yeah they should. I like episodes like that. :)
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