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  • My heart beats so hard in online battles that it's just plain uncomfortable. I'm somewhat less neurotic in AI battles because who cares if you lose to something that can't judge you? :p

    I have Krookodile, Flygon, and Vikavolt. I believe I had a Whimsicott from the GTS and traded it, BUT now that I think about it, I have like 8 extra leaf stones I'm never going to use so I could evolve a random Cottonee for you. I've been looking for more Dawn Stones through Poke Pelago treasure hunting and they're pretty rare so now I have at least 8 of every other evo stone lol.
    I don't know hacker names either; I only know that one because I was reading through the blacklist thread in the trade forum and someone mentioned it.

    I did hear that, but... I don't like online battling... it's way too stressful for me D: but I DO need that Galladite! I also heard some people were getting banned from online play for having "edited save data," whatever that entails, so those hacker people won't be able to get all the megas :p

    okay, have a good night :D
    OR you know, it could just be that someone had really good luck breeding so they cloned it and wanted to share it with the world? :p The ditto I got was obviously hacked because come on, shiny 6IV jolly heavy ball italian ditto with pokerus and holding a destiny knot XD and the dhelmise had the OT auslove.tv, who is a well-known hacker.

    Sure, no problem :) there's a good chance I'll have most of what you need.
    yeeaaah it's probably hacked then :/ I've gotten two hacked 6IV shiny pokemon through WT and they both had items. Ditto with a destiny knot and a Dhelmise with a choice band. how are these allowed to be traded??

    well anyways. if I can provide other pokemon, let me know ^_^ the only ones I know don't have off the top of my head are the porygon evos since I traded someone here for them and sent em back.
    I'm online too actually. Wanna trade now?
    And... wow :eek: I once got traded a lv100 shiny Mandibuzz in 5th gen after putting something unremarkable on the GTS, but it didn't look hacked. I don't think it had any max IVs.
    you welcome and thanks and ooooh moon ball ^_^ I was about to hunt gligar in quick ball since the colors for gliscor are blue and yellow ^_^ I think its fitting for its shiny form which moon ball does work too though ;) good luck!
    oh btw saw you got your litwick congrats ^_^ I still trying to get my requests down before I start a hunt >.> want to start a hunt for shiny snivy with contrary in friend ball :D
    Congrats on the shiny Litwick! I got my Honedge recently as well. Still going for Gligar next?
    Oh, and I can help you out with getting that shiny charm if you want.
    Kind of... it was still sky blue but it only looks lighter now because the 3D models dull the colors. I was surprised they were only asking for Garchomp too, but what was even weirder was that I had time to go to 4th gen and transfer my Garchomp up to 5th and the shiny Gligar was still there. XD
    I doubt I'll be able to trade today though. I have to think carefully about its nickname since once I transfer it I can't rename it.
    If I did end up with a shiny in 5th gen, I wouldn't have minded using it competitively. I have a shiny Gliscor in 5th gen when the shiny sprite looked better :D but I got it on the GTS (had to give up my EV-trained Garchomp lol) and it was wild-caught so no HA. Impish nature at least!
    I think I will transfer the Karrablast, especially since Drill Run is an ORAS move tutor! I just have to think of a nickname. And thanks, I'd appreciate the help evolving it :D I can't risk asking just any random person with it being shiny lol.
    I know! :3 In 5th gen I really wanted a shiny Shelmet, but when the 3D models took over, nascar ninja didn't look nearly as pretty as its 5th gen sprite ;_; I found a shiny Karrablast in the wild with a Brave nature, which is awesome, buuut no Megahorn as it's an egg move ;_; I guess now that Fell Stinger got a nice buff, I could transfer him up and run a different moveset.
    Same with Accelgor; the only really good thing was Water Shuriken, which it learned automatically to fill the last moveslot.
    Well it IS a ninja. ...a racecar driver ninja... nascar ninja :p and it gets Hydration so that would be pretty cool in the rain.
    I would've looked up its level 1 moves beforehand and told you if there was anything I wanted to keep but I forgot D: I just looked it up now and there's really nothing though. Fell Stinger is tempting but I'm going for a Restalk set and there won't be room for it anyway.
    Whoops kinda forgot about all the moves it wants to learn if it's level 1 ^^; but whoa, Accelgor gets Water Shuriken now :eek:
    Thanks a lot for evolving him!
    Okay :) I'm MMing Honedges and just got 5 in a row to hatch so it'll be a little while before I can move again lol.
    I should check the GTS/WT a lot too now that people are likely sending off never-before-obtainable breedjects. Oh and you can always check my spreadsheet for those I have in 6th gen (XYORAS tabs at the bottom) and I'll transfer them up for you. Lots of Safari ball pokemon I caught myself in 3rd gen ;D
    Cool, thanks! meanwhile I have 4 boxes of pokemon to breed so hopefully I'll have more you'll want by then!
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