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  • Wow, the Dream Ball looks so light when it's traded! I thought it was a premier ball at first. Anyways thanks for all the new apricorn mons ^_^

    Also totally forgot I have the Johto starter HAs other than Totodile, so I can breed apricorn HAs of those if you're interested. I'd just have to breed female HAs in 6th gen (oy) and transfer them. I did that with HA Oshawott and Tepig last night and it took me a good hour or so XD
    Just got a Friend HA Shroomish after going through like 7 friend balls. 60% chance of HA? Not for me XP now all 5 are ready to trade when you're done :) no rush either as I'll have to go get some lunch soon and then I'll continue working on more apricorn HAs. Heracross is next.
    Thanks for the offer but I have my own 6IV Litwick that I unexpectedly hatched XD and that's awesome about the honedge lol, congrats on that!
    All right! I'm actually breeding safari HA shroomishes right now so I'll throw the friend ball one in there. Lure Ball Krabby sounds nice!

    lol and Litwick is my next MM hunt after Gligar :p though I really want to do Honedge as well... HMMM....
    :o Gliscor is my all-time favorite shiny! I'm trying to MM one in 6th gen in a dream ball because I like the light blue/pink cotton candy look, lol. Now that moon ball HA is possible, I've been thinking of switching... or keep trying in 6th gen and if it doesn't get its HA, I'll switch to moon ball. I dunno :P by the way, do you want anything else on my updated post-bank apricorn+HA list while I'm at it? you can choose anything from my "coming soon" list since I have the necessary pokemon EXCEPT Remoraid. only have Moody at the moment, no fast ball yet. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?655283-Specific-Pok%E9-Ball-Trading-Thread&p=18330408&highlight=#post18330408

    It was weird that there was no patch or anything and it's working, but okay XD
    Wow I need to learn how to wake up earlier -.-
    Everyone wants one of my Moon HA Gligars lol. I had bred a Dream HA female with a Moon male and only got one moon HA, which was 5IV so I kept him for my team :D Now I can breed him and get more. I'll be ready to trade once that's done! Oh, and apparently the glitch has been fixed. I'm being told that the pokemon that previously weren't going through are now trading just fine!
    I'm not sure I want anything in particular at the moment... you can just give me four random pokemon for the Aerodactyl, Axew, Litleo, and Gligar, yeah?
    Yep, I have extras of those three I can give you. You'd just have to breed a little for better IVs.
    So far my anti-battle tree team looks like this:
    Aerodactyl: Taunt, Roost, Rock Slide, Earthquake
    Jolly, 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP
    item: either Brightpowder or Rocky Helmet, can't decide.

    Haxorus: Taunt, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, Swords Dance/Dragon Dance
    Jolly, 252 HP/252 Speed/4 some other stat
    item: Leftovers

    Pyroar: Taunt, Flamethrower/Overheat, Yawn, Hyper Voice
    Timid, 252 SpAtk/252 Speed/4 HP
    item: Focus Sash

    I also have a wallbreaker/stallbreaker Corrosion Salazzle: Toxic, Taunt, Disable, Overheat
    Timid, 252 SpAtk/252 Speed/4 HP
    item: Focus Sash (can't use it alongside Pyroar though)
    How it works: use Taunt first and the opponent will lose a turn if they weren't attacking. Next turn, they'll attack and your Focus Sash will probably save you another turn, and that's when you use Toxic. Third turn, use Disable and that will remove their last attack, which was probably their strongest move. If the opponent is a mono-attacker, they'll be forced to switch out or Struggle because they're still under Taunt. If for some reason you're still around, Overheat. XD Or taunt/toxic the next pokemon to come in.

    As for trading, I was able to trade a hoenn-native dream ball HA Gligar and moon ball gastly no problem, but I hear some people are having trouble trading other pokemon and I can't figure out a common theme to the affected pokemon. I sure hope it works when we trade o_O
    eww, evasion spamming is the worst! XD another reason Taunt is the best move ever. I've seen some truly annoying/amateurish strategies in the little time I've played in the Battle Tree, like Swagger and then Sand Attack. like really? it's SUPER annoying and I guess it works, but I wish they used intelligent strategies that real competitive players use. by the way, I have some extras of those unnerve pokemon if you want to try them out in the battle tree as well. Dream Ball Aerodactyl, Repeat Ball Litleo, and Luxury Ball Axew, all of which are pretty fast and can learn Taunt. I haven't tried trading those yet so hopefully it works :/

    I know a few other megas that use Fake Out to buy themselves a turn to mega evolve. Lopunny is another example. Oh, and I saw some pokemon in the battle tree AND maison that will Fake Out and then fling a King's Rock the next turn just to keep dealing damage while you can't move. SO ANNOYING and it makes me appreciate steadfast/inner focus even more lol.
    thanks for the offer, i dont need a special ball for it. im sending over 2 legit love ball and level ball to my gen7 game to breed the right ball for it. thankfully i can mix the 2 balls in gen and still the the other ball option.

    is there anything you want in return? i got 50 or so examples of bankball pkmn from gen6 and some 20ish that i didnt have the room to breed spares on PKbank. though i do have atleast 8 spares of the ones that i did breed out back in those days. most do have moves but it depends if i was able to pass them on.
    I'm now raising three fast pokemon with Unnerve and Taunt just to troll the AI and their irritating strategies :p It's so annoying how many have berries, haha. Some have type resist berries even for normal 2x weaknesses, and lots of opponents use those berries that increase a RANDOM stat when HP is low. I once saw special attack go up on something physical XD
    Yeah lol I can't imagine using your in-game team in one of the battle facilities. I think I finally started IV breeding in 5th gen after learning that all the opponents have maxed IVs. Before that I usually just went with any ol' random pokemon I hatched that had a semi-decent nature, and I don't remember how I used to EV train but I remember doing it to some extent. Now I IV breed and EV train the proper way :p

    I think Gallade doesn't get many good offensive egg moves because Ralts is supposed to be weak. I can't see Ralts with Drain Punch lol. Mach Punch is the only fighting-type attack I really want for it that it doesn't already get. You're right about Fake Out though... I figured I wouldn't be switching into it anyway, but in all the time I've used my Steadfast Gallade, it only got flinched like twice. Meanwhile Knock Off was really common and I could see it returning as a tutor again, or at least on those pokemon that had it last gen and are being transferred.
    I haven't checked the GTS yet. Lots of people here are noticing that there's a glitch where transferred pokemon (and those bred from them) can't be wonder/link traded, so I'm surprised it's working for GTS trades. Maybe it only affects certain pokemon.
    Oooh, dream ball Kanto starters you say? :eek: That sure is tempting. I have lots of dream ball pokemon too, but I'm not going after the whole collection; just what I'd actually use competitively. Right now I'm raising a dream HA Aerodactyl for the Battle Tree because I'm sick of every AI opponent having berries. XD Speaking of the Battle Tree, I haven't got too far in it yet. Maybe only like 15 wins so far? I need to level up the team I want to use first. :3

    I wanted my Gallades to be in apricorn balls AND have their HA, so... I can only do that in S/M. However I'm thinking of remaking my Bulk Up Gallade in a Friend Ball but I can't decide on its ability, so if I decide to go with Steadfast, then I will be able to breed in 6th gen, teach Drain Punch, and transfer. It's looking tempting since everything gets Fake Out now but with uninvested attack, Justified might be better... I don't know D:
    lol I'd been breeding pokemon in 6th gen to send to 7th gen ever since November. XD I have a pretty big collection in 6th (though I think my 7th gen collection surpassed that) so I had a lot to breed duplicates of to transfer. Sure, I'll trade you a Moon HA Gligar sometime! Maybe this will become my main thing now: trading apricorn HAs that weren't available before the Bank update. I haven't seen anyone else doing that yet.

    Bleh... yeah, Mega Metagross surprisingly speed ties with Mega Gallade, Lati@s, Gengar... it definitely doesn't seem like it should be that fast!

    I do indeed want Drain Punch mainly for my Gallades, but there are a bunch of other pokemon that benefit from it. Belly Drum Slurpuff, for instance!
    I barely had any space to transfer either but I had several boxes filled up with extra apricorn ball pokemon/other things to trade so I put those away in Bank first. Now I can't really stalk the GTS because I don't have too much to offer readily XD;

    Haha yeah it was totally unfair seeing Contrary Serperiors and Mega Blastoises in the Battle facilities while we didn't have access to them. I'm not expecting a move tutor to be added in Sun/Moon, but they always have move tutors added in later games so I'm hoping at least Drain Punch comes back in the Switch version, if that rumor is true (and it sure seems to be).
    YAY BANK!!! I've bred as much as I could today and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I still have a TON more apricorn and HAs to combine, like Gothita, Venipede, Roselia, Heracross, Krabby... one of these days I'll figure out how to reorganize my "for trade" list so everyone can see what I've transferred and bred so far.

    I kinda get why they didn't sell the mega stones for pokemon that aren't native to Alola, but I figured they'd be available after Bank somehow... I hope they add them in too! I NEEEED my shiny Megallade! XD oh, and Drain Punch had BETTER come back as a tutor somewhere or I'm gonna be mad >w>
    Yeah true, I'm leaning much more toward the Luxury ball for the black/orange combo since I'm planning my Chandelure to have a halloween-themed nickname. I wish it got Trick-or-Treat ;P

    I have managed to find a lot of people offering apricorn balls and asking for something reasonable, but I guess that's only because I stalk the GTS a LOT. :p or at least I used to but now, like you said, there aren't many more I want. I can help you with your 6th gen collection once we get bank! I'm really looking forward to having more HA apricorn pokemon like Speed Boost Love Ball Venipede and Shadow Tag Love Gothita!
    Do you read the manga for every show haha?
    I like the animes which have comedy in them as well as being a great story.

    I will check some of those out! :)
    Is One Piece any good btw?
    Well it sure would save me the trouble of MMing a shiny Ralts and desperately hoping it's male and has its HA, but I still think it'd be better to have the satisfaction of hatching my own. XD
    Chandelure is one of my favorite shinies too! I actually requested a fast ball Litwick because I was thinking of MMing one in that ball, but I still can't decide between that or a Luxury ball. The fast ball's sprite colors match, but I don't care much for the animation being blue, while a Luxury ball makes it more Halloweeny black and orange. :3 Plus the animation is way nicer and more fitting than it used to be.

    I almost always put apricorn balls on the GTS, but never for UBs/legendary pokemon... I guess it couldn't hurt for the next time I search for a certain apricorn pokemon and they're asking for a UB. I always changed the options to filter out people asking for legendaries, but I think I've narrowed it down to only wanting the rarest now and I wouldn't mind trading a UB/legendary for one.
    Nope, I don't have a shiny Gallade, but I'm planning to MM a Justified one in a moon ball now that that's possible!
    I've gotten a ton of apricorn balls on the GTS as well (probably most of my stock), but sometimes when I wonder trade, I end up getting a duplicate that has even better IVs than the one from the GTS. :p and wow, that's interesting about 5 Celesteelas! XD I put a Kartana on the GTS to try and get a Celesteela since most people ask for them, but it was there for two days and didn't get traded so I gave up. Seemed like a fair trade to me since they're both version exclusive o_O
    lol I knowww, I want bank so badly ;_; I miss my Gallades!
    I don't seem to have good luck with wonder trade lol, I just WT a LOT to make room. 95% I get are Yungoos, Wingulls, Rattatas etc but once in a while I do find some apricorn pokemon - possibly more than I ever got on the GTS! I just got a Heavy Grubbin last night, which is good for Vikavolt's shiny form. I also unfortunately got a Beast Porygon, which is hacked since it can't be found in the wild...
    Only thing is, I'd rather wait for Bank so we can have Extremespeed on our Dratinis again.

    I don't see why it would be easier... it seems that way to me only because I have some 5IVs from WT and chained several 4IV dittos to breed with. :D
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