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  • I had to watch it on youtube cause...well I live in Germany and it sux. =<

    Good thing I watched it on the next day because it got removed on the day after that. =o
    Shaymin! Whatchu think? xD

    2. Right! I think I've found a few more reasons why I must buy platinum. 0=

    3. I only have the first mega collection. The idea was pretty good though.

    4. Nope, but I could. I think I'll do it right now because I'm bored.
    But I want to make it darker because..well, its a ghost right?
    Is it like where dots blend into each oher? I tryed that but I used to much so I took some off and It didnt look right.
    1. I like a lot lmao. :>

    2. Yeah that's true..I'll probably get it too.

    3. That was great! Too bad, I don't have it anymore =<

    4. I dunno why, but I just like being scared while playing a game.
    Silent Hill is best horror game ever! The scare factor is so high! Or more like it used to be until 5 showed up...what disappointment.
    That is what I use, I only have MSN Paint.
    And I like it. Nice and simple.
    My banner was madein GIMP but its too complicated.

    I could put them al on one sheet and WBG them but there are tons of them!
    And there all different.
    Would you help me?
    1. More money for me! x3

    2. I dunno if I'll get platinum, I'm actually happy with my diamond, but if I'm lucky I'll get both games. =P

    3. Sonic CD was really good too lol.

    4. Mind? I love them! Silent Hill, Resident Evil , Siren:Blood Surse etc. ^.^
    1. Do iiiit! I need a better sig too. ;__;

    2. The next game I'd like to get is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.

    3. My first sonic game was the very first one. I still like Knuckles more though. :D

    4. I think I'll watch some videos about it. :3
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