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  • I thought I would hop on the forum for the first time in forever, especially now that I'm able to relax in between schoolwork, getting ready to go to college after this year (hopefully the Coast Guard) and I have most of my affairs in order (to an extent).
    Thank you so much for the lovely krazyshipping fic. Tonight was my first chance to access forum in wks and it was amazing. I think my favorite part was "5 Golden Rings" b/c it empasize most how meowth sees human v. pokemon custom and how they differ showing love. Indeed some of the bestest presents not cost a penny and outshine gold. Pikachu and Meowth know this by instinct :3
    Raaaaaaaaaaaave! In case you haven't check already, look at your PM inbox in A;O for the secret santa business! Also post in the thread~
    Again, I have to say it. Your Bishieshipping drabble. Kyaaaaaaaaaa <3333333333333333

    I wonder if aura can allow him to look into minds... I haven't really ever it thought of it as kinda like a mind-reading thing. That could certainly provide an interesting take on their relationship. :eek:

    *waves Hueshipping flag*

    On that note, Haruka x Kanata x Nozomi would be kinda kinky. ^^
    Hello. I saw you have posted a new fic in the Shipping section and it has a lot of ships - which do you want it cataloged under or does it fit better under multishipping?
    Don't worry about not replying to the messages; its not a big deal anyway. Well I won't get to see her for two months and then I'll have a class with her everyday for the school year. And then she graduates, while I'll have to put another year into high school (I'm not stupid, she's just a grade above me), and thinking on that, I could really care less for my senior year now...

    I guess that leaves me only a year to get her.

    Think I'll just listen to The Who for the time being though, gather my thoughts, meditate on a dream I had that she was in, and get my summer reading in. Perhaps I do have some schoolwork to do...
    Remember the convo way back when I said I'd reply to that VM? I'ma cashin in on tha promise, nao!

    I've been trying to read other fics, but I just keep coming back to Pokeshipping and Morpheusshipping fics. Either Bittersweet Romanticide and the other authors are that good, or I just like the characters too much to even look at others.

    Eh, I think I missed the deadline for voting, sorry about that.

    One thing I learned about cliches is that sometimes ones that seem to follow the same overused route, tend to break off in a completely different tangent that makes it exciting. I guess I read the overused plots hoping for something like that to show up.
    Whoops, I guess YM Chat via the web browser doesn't send you notifications... D: I'll IM it to you later on... XD If you're online that is, if not, PM time... 8D
    Well with summer vacation coming, and my annual pilgramage to Wyoming fast approaching, I'm closing down the shop here and getting ready to go back west. I'll probably go on a writing blitz while I'm out there, release several chapters, while my thoughts aren't on schoolwork.

    I decided not to play football next year, I have AP U.S. history, drama, chorus; all just a little too much for one person to do.
    duh, how could I ever forget you or your works ? ^^

    Yes, the act itself was despicable, and yet even so ; it was stupid.
    Copy and pasted word for word, it was simply stupid.

    I remember us talking about your issues with that person who plagiarised you (hope you made everything right !) and I say to you again, doing something like that, and worse, to a person I hold I high regard, will not go unpunished while I stand around :)

    It was my duty :p
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