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Last Activity:
Jan 16, 2013
Dec 6, 2010
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New Zealand

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Elite Trainer, from New Zealand

Ravenous14 was last seen:
Jan 16, 2013
    1. Nishan
      Do you have pokerus in any of the pearl, diamond, or platinum versions?
      I have platinum version currently, so currently I cant trade with Black/White version.

      So can we trade?

      Can you please help me. I'd be very grateful.

      Please PM soon.
    2. shmavik
      i want suicune
    3. shmavik
      you trade all crown beats for ditto with 31 hp?
    4. shmavik
      you have events?
    5. shmavik
      i have ditto with 31 hp you have shinys?
    6. pupintheturd
      I have gotten it a few days ago (not the special edition; they were out) and I have to say that it's very awesome. I daresay, their best album ever! :]
    7. pupintheturd
      Yo bud, remember me? Have you heard the new album of the Foo Fighters yet? I am going to wait until they release the special edition (which is in two days!!!) and get it. But from what I've heard on the radio and whatnot it's really good.
    8. CROWN
      So you'll be the guy who makes sure that the building won't go down for lack of a proper foundation. Nice.
    9. CROWN
      Don't have either yet.

      I use Pokemon League because I couldn't log on to smogon.

      I'm a senior in high school. I'm homeschooled and I intend to major in Marine Biology and Veterinary medicine.

      What kind of engineering are you learning?
    10. CROWN
      Just wondering. You in high school or college.
      I'm not trying to pry just interested in my friends.

      What is your PO name? Mine is CROWN.
    11. CROWN
      Ravenous, When you get back on let me know what time you can battle?
      BTW are you in school or do you have a job?
    12. CROWN
      Yeah the server thing can be bit confusing.
      Let me know which one you want to meet on.
      BTW the time I sent this message where I am is 10:24 AM.
    13. CROWN
      I'm into guitar, classical and electric.

      I love anime/manga. I also love to draw and write.

      Glad you downloaded maybe we can battle in the next few days.
    14. CROWN

      Accepted friend request.

      PO stands for Pokemon Online. RIght now its the only way I can fight you. No Wifi.

      In the RMT section they have an announcement for a new PO server for serebii. It has a link to download PO. Its much quicker than raising a team and there is no need for wifi. If you do download it, which only takes about fifteen minutes, let me know and we'll work out the rest then.

      Unrelated to pokemon what else do you like to do?
    15. CROWN
      You seem pretty good. Do you have a PO? If you do Maybe we can battle sometime.
      Unfortunaely I have no wifi access.
    16. CROWN
      Thanks. I made it myself.
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  • About

    New Zealand
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokemon, Music, etc.


    The world will turn to Ash...

    SS Friend Code
    James 4727-2044-6382
    Silver Trainer Card, 4 Stars
    493/493 Pokemon

    White Friend Code
    James 4813-6393-3409
    Purple Trainer Card

    Looking for a female Anticipation Eevee
    Can offer Pokerus etc.
    PM for offers