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  • I'm glad you aren't offended ^^
    For your first fanfic it was very good you know, especially the dialogue was good, the scenery and emotions need a lot of work but the dialogue was great, I'm sure you'll become a great writer ^^
    That's fine, practicing makes perfect right ^^
    Hahaha, I myself sometimes wished I wasn't so talkative since when I'm in the "talkative mood" I normally don't really think about what I'm saying, I repeat things a lot and so on (it was noticeable in my critique I guess, I just kept writing and writing without stopping and I repeated things a lot, to tell you the truth, it was the first critique I ever gave so I had no idea what to write but when I was writing I just continued and continued.. Oops, there I go again talking to much ^^; )
    That's okay, I'll be glad to answer them.

    PS: You know? I should start giving critiques to my own stories as well, maybe It'll help since I myself am also very bad at description (the most difficult part in writing a story in my opinion ^^; ) and I also suck at dialogue a lot since I have no idea what to let my characters say most of the time ^^;
    PPS: I really should shut my mouth I think (or in this case, my fingers ^^; )

    See you around ^^
    Hey rawr?!
    How've you been?
    I hope my critique on your story didn't offend you, it's very good for a first attempt, believe me, it only needs a bit of more effort and description, apart from that it's very good.
    If you need help, I'll help you for sure so don't doubt asking me ^^
    And don't forget to say hi in the welcome forums to get yourself some starter friends, the people here are very nice ^^
    I hope you can find your way around here a bit, if you don't understand something just ask one of the admins, me or someone else ore go to the newbie helpers forum (or whatever it was called like)
    As you should have noticed already, I'm very talkative, I hope that doesn't mind you (that I talk a lot), it's my nature ^^;
    I hope we can be friends ^^
    See you around ^^
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