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  • And that is just sad.
    Exactly, I can't believe their seiyuu wanted this.
    I'm still laughing at that!
    That would be actually funny.
    Yeah, they are: especially "stoked" lol.
    Oh god, do we even need to begin with him nowadays? From "Dig it, jack," to "lugs," to "my achin' mug," crap comes out of his mouth in the English dub nowadays on an almost daily basis.

    [I couldn't agree more.] Me either! The solution is so simple: 1) Let Ash age and same with the other characters, 2) actually let him win a League and become a Master, 3) let TR get their crap together again for once, and 4) get voice actors and script writers that actually know what they're doing (Eng. dub).

    Gumball. RS is a okay... but some of its jokes have fallen a bit flat lately.


    So for the summary of XY038, (the Trevenant episode) it says that Ash is beginning his training for the Shalour City Gym battle
    with Clemont as his sparring partner, but Froakie and Hawlucha aren't in sync, so he tries to give them some pointers.
    Didn't you remember the battle sequence in Ch. 19?
    I dunno, how long are you gonna ask about it?
    Don't question it. lol
    Lol, I'm smart?

    You mean beat her and never have a rematch? Nope XD

    I still have mental scars from that. Ouch, then where do we go?
    It was implied that they weren't that evil to begin with. I mean if they were they would have beaten Golen's group ages ago.
    Nah, it's just a phase. lol
    Meh, it was too badass a fight to show onscreen. xD
    IKR? Lol, I've stopped talking about her there XD

    Yes. No!! Lol.

    Lol, never thought of that. XD I think I won't live here, more like hell or heaven.
    If you like comedy shows, yes, IMO..


    Same here. I saw it myself. Yuya still technically lost as he had he lowest LP in the game.,
    He'll probably lose at least 1 for a plot twist/DEM like when Atem lost due to using the Seal of Orichalcos.

    Agreed, but BW's training probably occurred off screen.

    Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to Shauna, Tierno and Trevor's debut.
    IKR? Out of all 4 of these, I prefer The Amazing World of Gumball, the most.

    Yeah, at least with Arc V, they actually started with a story arc right off the bat,
    and had the LDS VS You Show Duel arc right after the 7th episode, but that makes me wonder,
    1) How many years Arc V will be and 2, how many arcs Arc V is gonna have.

    I'm really looking forward to the next episode. According to the summaries, The Dark Duelist attacks again, apparently elsewhere, during Yuya's duel
    with Reiji. This had better prove the former is innocent.
    I don't want to go back to the Yuzu thinking Yuya = The Dark Duelist bullcrap again. It was fine for episode 8,
    but it started to become annoying to me in episode 9, 10 and 11.

    Most likely.

    Yeah, he won that pretty easily.
    Reason is in episode 20 when he watches Grant VS Viola, he starts to see how powerful Onix and Rock Tomb are,
    and in a few of the filler episodes after 20, begins training sessions on how to think of a way to conquer Grant's strategy.
    Lol, that's just way too smart for this site XD

    She's already like that. Lol, sounds lame.

    It's kinda weird, what's with every female celebrity wearing close to nothing these days? Oh god why do I feel this'll be true someday? :x
    Lol, that's just, so true. XD

    She did? Mine won't. Lol, same here man. XD

    That's a fact.
    IKR? As far as their shows go, I actually do like RS and Gumball, though. AT is meh, but everything else is aside from Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry, is crap, IMO.

    I still enjoy GX's more than Zexal's (subbed) but my main problem with it is that the protagonists themselves aren't awful, IMO,
    it's just that both shows are kind of boring, for some reason, whereas 5D's, DM and currently Arc V keep things interesting, and have
    a slightly more "intense/dramatic"feeling, IMO.

    Doubt that happen though. I can't link it but a while back, during the DP era there as a poll for the JPN fandom asking if Satoshi (Ash) should remain in the
    anime and he was voted to stay... and then everyone there seems to LOVE Team Rocket for some reason (I think it's because they represent humor in JPN culture or something).

    Eh it's as good as TPCi's dubs ever are meaning: "Eh."
    [Here's the subbed version:
    http://www.animeget.com/pokemon-xy-episode-25 ]

    Ash was pretty good in this episode. The writers adapted the game rules at this gym that the challenger can use all of their team on hand if they need too,
    Ash is puzzled at first but Grant says that's the way the gym works.
    But this doesn't end up like Ash VS Roxie,
    After winning for a while, Ash tries to win with Fletchling but it gets knocked out, BUT still does it some damage.
    (hence that the episode has "Pikachu VS Tyrunt"), Ash wins the final round of the match, somewhat easily,
    as he realizes that Fletchling helped him figure out Tyrunt's moveset.
    Yep, I've got more.
    Lol, that's just, wow. XD

    Oh my lord. Lol, my fingers are good, not my talking XD

    More and more worse really.
    I think Arc V will either going to Nick Toons or Cartoon Network.

    I don't know, I tried watching a few episodes and I just don't like it.
    I thought Yuma was okay though aside from being stupid sometimes.

    Hmm well if by ratings Dephender (JPN mod) said they really don't matter. Out there in Japan, ratings don't define a franchise's popularity.
    All it means is how many people watched the episode. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    But for a trivia fact, The Flame Pokémon-athon! is the only episode ever to get 18% in ratings.
    Dephender also said that the anime is only in trouble if the franchise's merchandise stops selling well.

    The UK dub is pretty much the US's dub, but long story short, the UK is ahead of the US as far as episodes go which has happened before like in Best Wishes,
    The Road to Humilau - Unova's Survival Crisis all ended up airing before they did in the US.
    But speaking of that episode, XY025 airs this Saturday in the US on Cartoon Network.
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