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Ray Koya
Last Activity:
Jul 22, 2014
Sep 1, 2013
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Ray Koya

Later Losers, from Purgatory

Ray Koya was last seen:
Jul 22, 2014
    1. Kuvario
      Lol, that's so true. But they're a subsidiary or part of Nintendo! They've got power. XD

      Yes she does. You? That'll never work, she's faster.

      They just sound unpleasant to be around.
    2. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      I think 4K Media said they were going to complete Zexal dubbed and subbed all the way through. Not 100% sure, though.
      Lol. Same here.

      I rank YGO like this, TBH:
      DM > 5D's > Arc V >>> GX >>>>>>>>>> Zexal/Zexal II.


      Oh well. At least Ash does something.

      Serena has gotten SLIGHTLY better since XY026 as the writers seem to make her a little more active than she was in XY001-XY025.
      It does.
      Overall, I won't get into a long debate, but in short, 4Kids had a WAY better dub, then TPCi, IMO.
    3. Kuvario
      That'd be amazing, too bad poor Corsola and Shuckle will be ignored, and so will any other Pokémon like them lol. Lmao, you'll be on house arrest for that, or killed. XD

      She'd say that doesn't count because she wasn't there.

      They sound like morons.
    4. moneylesswario
      Druddigon isn't so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
      Is it a private school or something?
    5. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer

      Same here. 4K Media/Konami said that the Arc V dub premieres Summer or Spring of 2015.
      Well... Yugi did lose to Pegasus in Episode 2, but I either think that Reiji is going to lose to Yuya and will
      become a new rival to him later on, or Yuya will lose with LDS buying You Show Duel and another arc begins following with that.

      As for Sora, I think he's either gonna make a permanent Face-Heel turn, or will make a temporary one,
      and then will be persuaded to join Yuya and co. again due to The Power of Friendship.

      I hope the YGO writers really lose the "Heroic Sacrifice", and "Redemption Equals Death" for antagonists,
      that's kind of getting old at this point.
      However unless it's the "Killed Off for Real" trope, I hope they use the "Disney Death" for Yuya, sometime.
      Those are always sadistically fun to watch.

      I think XY024 being banned kinda screwed over the writers again, but only with pacing, not story elements like BW as this episode was most likely a filler.

      Not really.
      Sarah Natochenny's voice is starting to get a little higher again, but still sucks as Ash.
      Alyson Rosenfeld still sucks as Bonnie.
      Haven Paschall is still decent as Serena.
      Same for Michael Liscio Jr. as Clemont.

      Michele Knotz and Carter Catchcart continue to blow as Team Rocket.
    6. moneylesswario
      What would you think of a Druddigon Mega Evo?
      I thought all of that was over though?
    7. moneylesswario
      That would be a unique Mega Evolution.
      That's keeping him from being here?
    8. moneylesswario
      It looks like a Mega Evolution itself.
      I'll have to ask him. Where'd he go?
    9. moneylesswario
      Yeah but it better look good.
      Kim is short for Kimiko, too.
    10. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Almost want to say Yusei considering he only had like one loss in 5D's but yeah, Jaden did get a lot of Duels.

      Lol. IKR? I do like him as comedy relief, though. Episode 5 had me laughing so hard.
      Yeah, they're okay.

      I had forgotten but yes there is a break. XY034 airs July 3rd.
      The other is that there's an OVA prologue to M17 (ala the M16 Mewtwo Special) that airs on the Thursday before the film comes out.
    11. Kuvario
      Nice, that'd be epic even though it's just overrated lol. They will. How dare you?! GF has now put you on their kill list. XD

      She calls faster than me, like a ninja.

      NY? How bad are they?
    12. Kuvario
      How would it look like tho? Yup. GF gonna send a SWAT after you lol. XD

      I can't, it's part of me.

      Maybe, maybe not. Different people have different experiences.
    13. Kuvario
      That's true, but Mega Greninja should be real and epic or else lol. Like many others who are on their blacklist? XD

      I save for them, only problem is that I'm so chatty.

      Why did you think that?
    14. Kuvario
      Not even a molecule of it. Lol, so true. GF knows where you live lol.

      True, but I keep on blabbing to my sister about the new games as soon as they're announced.

      Short answer, yes, long answer, yes indeed.
    15. Kuvario
      They're getting the short end of the stick. Blastoise?! But GF wants you to use Charizard only lol. True.

      Mine's always about arts and crafts. That'll take forever.

      Agreed. Nice.
    16. Kuvario
      Yeah I do. You're using right now. I resisted, you know only to get Lucario and Charizard. Who wouldn't?

      Really? Mine is 10.

      It's so terrible. 10th, you?
    17. moneylesswario
      Gigalith would be weird. Not sure about Krookodile.
      Yeah, he put Xiaolin Showdown characters in it?
    18. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      I guess, but I still liked him, I just hated GX overall though because it felt boring to me.
      I think it was a bit of both.

      Yeah. Yuzu's okay, but my least favorite, at the.moment due to this.
      I like Sora and the other kids more than her. They haven't really started bugging me much
      at all. The chubby one does only when he says "The shivers!" all the time.
    19. Kuvario
      But didn't Scisor get a Mega? Lol, now I remember. There's even an avatar of her wearing a leather top with a zipper or something thought it was fan art. So you couldn't hold off using it?

      She doesn't watch the anime much really. I tried asking for her White version for $20, she said unless I've got Infinite money then no way. Lol.

      Oh right, all that heat. Ain't that the truth? XD
    20. moneylesswario
      I don't even want to TALK about how bad they are now.
      Or Scolipede.
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