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Ray Koya
Last Activity:
Jul 22, 2014
Sep 1, 2013
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Ray Koya

Later Losers, from Purgatory

Ray Koya was last seen:
Jul 22, 2014
    1. Kuvario
      True enough. Yup, it's weird but it works. Probably that's the correct analogy.

      No problem. I like the design, but those stats are terrible.
    2. Kuvario
      He's too slow though. Agreed. I complain to complain about the complainers lol. But Nintendo doesn't fail every year though.

      That's neat.

      Same here lol.
    3. Kuvario
      That's a good point. I don't take it seriously at all, it's just an anime. Agreed, no prob.

      Yugi, Red's overrated and duller than DP and XY Ash combined.

      have you tried raising one?
    4. Kuvario
      He'll never of course, what made you think he will? The amount of stupidity astounds me, even SPPF misc is better. Perfect analogy lol.

      You're right though..

      Lol, they're caffeinated hyperactive Aipoms on typewriters actually.
    5. Kuvario
      True. Lol, that's correct. Oh my, is it contagious? I'm not. Can we riot at OLM HQ lol?

      No I don't, I'd rather be BW Ash even.

      I could probably write better than the clowns, I mean OLM
    6. Kuvario
      Agreed with that. Okay that's true enough. They should, Smash Bros 4 already realized that, but the Pokémon anime writers are plain dumb.

      I'd immediately proceed to drown myself lol.

      i think they're amateur fanfiction writers lol
    7. Kuvario
      Lol, you're right. But everybody keeps on trying to compare the anime with the games no matter how stupid it is, so why can't I for a mere moment? I have noticed that, when will Froakie become that super ninja everybody wants?

      I'd proceed to quit right away lol.

      the writers themselves are embarrassments lol.
    8. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      No other anime comes close when it comes to those things.
      Dull TR > Idiot TR.
      Yeah that's even worse...
      What kind of rival would Vlad have?
    9. Kuvario
      You mean variety in ways he lost? But don't some people play the games like that? Like they just use their starter and get others as punching bags?

      If I could use my own Pokémon and get a custom outfit then yes lol.

      its not even a joke lol.
    10. Kuvario
      But to me it does, BW's battles with Ash were a mess, and while I do like BW, the battles were just.... But he is to me! If it were in BW, Ash would've lazed around using DEM all day to win, or something...


      *punching sound effect Insert here* Oh!
    11. Kuvario
      But did you see Ash VS Clemont? Okay, but I'd take a few flashy skills over falling over himself every battle like in BW lol.

      If he does, I'd rather do it myself even if it is impossible.

      i know it is
    12. Kuvario
      Yes I am. Pikachu is his best friend, why would he just throw it away? It's his first Pokémon therefore it can get special treatment...

      Agreed, but most brain surgeons are smart.

      ouch really?
    13. Kuvario
      In battles yes, as A character, no.

      Do you think surgery is an option lol?

      I got them back little by little in DP with his battling, lost them again in BW, got a quarter of it back in XY.
    14. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      It's just like one of my friends said: Attract can be easily avoided in BW, but in XY, it's broken.
    15. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      The anime is good at disappointments.
      That would be not disgracing them. :P
      Can't be worse than what I saw earlier.
      An equal rival who has the same goal. Or a weaker one who's inspired to get stronger from her.
    16. Kuvario
      I know it's the truth too, but ouch!

      Now I need an aspirin..

      my eyes still haven't healed from that, ya know?
    17. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      They seemed okay when we first saw them.
      That or stop disgracing them.
      The arguments he uses suck.
      I will be so mad if that's it.
    18. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      At least they got their own arc and a decent ending. TM/TA sucks with or without comparing to the games.
      DEFINITELY a more dynamic cast. Or better characters.
      I mean which one were you referring to when you said "he"?
      She hasn't?
    19. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      It was pretty much just Groudon and Kyogre moving and sometimes attacking.
      There isn't so it needs one.
      Which one?
      I'd say Carly.
    20. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      I'm crying just thinking about it because the Team Magma/Aqua arc was so bad...
      The plot needs improvement first and foremost but that's never gonna happen.
      They both worked together to try and defend their points and STILL lost...
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