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Ray Koya
Last Activity:
Jul 22, 2014
Sep 1, 2013
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Ray Koya

Later Losers, from Purgatory

Ray Koya was last seen:
Jul 22, 2014
    1. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      I cannot forget that! And bug type fear development.
      Yeah, that's all it really needs to me. I'm not hard to please they just suck.
      He contradicts himself constantly.
    2. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      Hoenn was filled with water so if they would have stayed true to the games, it would have been great. She could have also had conflict with Team Aqua/Magma.
      True but it's so easy to fix it.
      "Even good trainers lose, it's how he loses and recovers from his loss that counts!"
    3. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      Depends on the writing, but since it's Johto, they would have been great.
      Hey, there's still hope. A little...
      It had the moves to counter his team and he still won! BADASS!
    4. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      We could have had Egan from Master Quest as a rival, or Andreas from that Seaking fishing competition.
      That's so true.
    5. Kuvario
      My heart has been punched!

      My head is hurting again, I need something to take care of it....

      lmao, too likely at this point. XD
    6. Kuvario
      But, he should keep one tho..

      Wow, now I want to go turn off my computer.

      but he was staring at her whole she left the screen, that counts for something lol. XD
    7. moneylesswario
      Like replacing everyone except Ash.
      I'd like one for Druddigon so it can look better.
    8. Kuvario
      Ash should just donate 29 of his Tauros to some orphanage or something, he only uses one anyway.

      My head actually is in pain from hearing that.

      That outfit was so wrong yet so hot lol. xD
    9. Kuvario
      You mean Palpitoad?


      Lol, you're right.
    10. J Ken
      J Ken
      [Well his last battle was 8 chapters ago.
      Don't count her out so easily. lol]
    11. moneylesswario
      They can't break tradition if it annoys us.
      Which Unova Pokemon would you want Mega Evos for, aside from the starters and legendaries?
    12. J Ken
      J Ken
      [Rayzoni>Tom> Kozu>/=Golen/Carly>Kyoya.
      You'll know in time. xD]
    13. moneylesswario
      And we can't have that...
      Same here, just no Aerodactyl.
    14. J Ken
      J Ken
      Well not exactly.
      Not really, it's ambiguous.
    15. moneylesswario
      I would like it if he could put all of his special training methods to good use in the league, especially against his final opponent.
      Or Charizard (Again).
    16. J Ken
      J Ken
      Eh not weak just underpowered.
      Tom still has an edge over him while it's up for you to decide between him and Carly.
    17. moneylesswario
      If he can't beat Viola's Ice Studio, he won't beat Wulfric.
      For both Charizard and Mewtwo, two Pokemon who didn't need it.
    18. moneylesswario
      Do you think his special training against Viola will help against Wulfric?
      Same here.
    19. J Ken
      J Ken
      Whatever you say. lol
      Thanks. I wanted to take it slow for that so he didn't advance too fast.
    20. Kuvario
      He's got so many of my favorite Pokémon, or introduced me to Pokémon I never knew would be my favorites.

      IKR? Or this too. "I am a flaming Moltres!"

      Oh my Ra really? But then again May from Pokémon is like 10 and has a curvy figure too lol.
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