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Ray Koya
Last Activity:
Jul 22, 2014
Sep 1, 2013
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Ray Koya

Later Losers, from Purgatory

Ray Koya was last seen:
Jul 22, 2014
    1. Kuvario
      No problem, it's true I guess.

      Pretty much, remember this line? "I'll use my trusty frying pan, as a drying pan." Best line said in the whole show period.

      But it's true. XD
    2. Kuvario
      My heart, it's been punched thanks to that. Ohh...

      IKR? They make the best dubs by far.

      Great minds do tend to think to alike. xP
    3. Kuvario
      Lmao really? Poor Ash then, he just became a tool, oh wait he is one haha

      A guilty pleasure?

      also, is is bad that the first thing I notice about your sig is Tea and Serenity's chest both lol?
    4. moneylesswario
      It's sad how he has to rely on "special training" just to beat gym leaders and then never uses it again.
      And no more OP ones!
    5. Kuvario
      Really?! I thought it was the other way around lol.

      I see then, makes sense in at way.
    6. moneylesswario
      And Ash is 10x more of a loser.
      The primal forms look good at least.
    7. moneylesswario
      XY Ash couldn't beat Lucario if he brought back Charizard.
      They are?
    8. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Agreed. Using Pikachu like a "secret weapon" or something. There's something about XY's animation that makes Thunderbolt look very powerful, IMO, but that's just me.
      IKR? Agreed aside from Bunnelby being used to track down TR and it appears again in this week's upcoming episode along with Chespin.

      Yeah, actually:
      - Feraligatr
      - Dusknoir
      - Crawdaunt
      - Infernape
    9. moneylesswario
      She killed mine.
      Me either, I'm still not sold.
    10. Kuvario
      IKR? I thought only main characters are allowed to use friendship like that lol.

      True enough, but everybody is so stereotypically dull and it's not funny. So by default I hate them.
    11. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      They all sucked.
      I can't wait until he just gets killed off...
      Froakie and Fletchinder were unevolved!!
    12. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      I'm used to it after Johto.
      Yeah, I get what you mean.. But I'm glad XY isn't battle heavy like DP like when
      we had like 3 battles per episode.


    13. PokemonNation2000
      If someone else wants to duck tape Ash's mouth when he says "kay" or "o'course," be my guest, please.
      Seriously, though, I agree.

      [Almost anytime TR are brought up other than BW.] True, man.


      Ash's Father: Why are you still 10?
      Ash: Well, you see, dad: o'course when I was travelin' with the ladies, I kinda got thinkin' and ya see, why don't I suck their life from 'em, ya know?
      Ash's Father: Why do you talk so strangely?
      Ash: Ya see, TPCi made me this way, o'course.
      Ash's Father: Who's TPCi?
      Ash: Dad, you're not seein' things: we're talking strong! You remind me o' me!
      Ash's Father: Son, you need to go to a psychiatrist.
      Ash: 'Kay, I will, o'course.
    14. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      I Feel like he's NOT Going to Evolve
    15. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      It would be Hawlucha for Me but I wonder if the Opening indicates it's maybe Froakie?
    16. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      Had potential but he had too little appearances.
      NO ONE gets treated well except for Sasuke.
      And the trainer is the next Tobias!!
    17. PokemonNation2000
      Not sure: could go either way lol.

      [I'm just assuming this from that birthday cake and his constant praise of retard TRio lol.] 50/50 chance, man.

      IKR? That would be a real twist haha.
    18. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      Who wasn't better? Oh, right, other people.
      They screwed Gohan over lol.
      That Lucario was weaker than Korrina's? It doesn't count, he was gonna lose anyway!
    19. PokemonNation2000
      The sad part is it's true, man: IKR?

      [Dogasu just wants Megumi Hayashibara to jerk him off while listening to Inuko Inuyama singing Nyasu's party, bro, so that's not a surprise-- he's a very sexually frustrated elf, you know.] True, man.

    20. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      He was just DP Brock if he were a withdrawn nerd.
      That's true, Gohan is still stronger to me.
      He won't lose to a Mega in the league, it doesn't count!
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