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  • It's fine.

    Same here, but I liked BBT, though. It's animation was great IMO, aside from those "obviously intended for 3D" moments.

    It's good. Only thing that was annoying the crap out of me was Yuzu going back and forth with "Yuya's The Dark Duelist... No wait, he ISN'T The Dark Duelist, no wait, he IS the Dark Duelist"
    after he pretty much told her he wasn't and we know as an audience that it ISN'T him. Plus, he doesn't even use XYZ cards yet, which should give her a clue.
    Luckily, that thing seems to have been put to death after Episode 10.

    Gongenzaka VS Yaiba was meh, IMO, but LOL @ everyone being mind blown that his deck doesn't have any Spell or Trap cards.

    IKR? Maybe doing summer stuff, I guess? I dunno.
    You mean like, Typhosion? I think I did when seeing Elesa lol. Really? I'm weak then lol. You used as soon as you beat Korrina?

    It will? Hopefully you're right. My sister once saved up like, $200, and then one day she lost it. She blamed me and my mother first lol.

    It really is. IKR? Siblings, you love them a lot since they're family, but man they're annoying to ya, right?
    We have all Megas being fan favorites or already strong. Lol, that's true. Never noticed how fanservice-y Gen V was. Really? I had both a Mega Charizard Y and a Mega Lucario, they were too tempting for me lol. XD

    You're right, she wasn't ever into anime anyway, she's into arts and crafts mostly. She never steals my money, but I should be more careful.

    At least you got wind. Where I am, the weather is in the 90s and is humid. IKR? Same with my sister.
    So what do you think of the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie? they probably will be, but even though they were in Bonds Beyond Time,
    I still hope Yugi and Atem are retained and maybe this is another film like that one only with the DM-Zexal or DM-Arc V protagonists.
    Thanks. Yup, exactly right down to every detail, I mean Gen VI is fanservice, while Gen V was about deep stories, well for Pokémon. Lol, Mega Lucario's pull was just too much, I had to get it XD

    How bad? You do? Finally somebody who gets it. Really? I should buy them off her, she does care about money despite never spending it.

    Yeah, the weather where I am is terrible in every way. Wow, that's a long time too.
    Agreed, but them again XY didn't have much plot against Gen V IMO. That'd be good, but they will have to put them. I hope you don't get the Mega Bangle like at gym 3 and start being a wrecking crew like in XY.

    It does, she drives me insane. I think she'll be the reason why I'll need a mental hospital. Nope, she hardly plays them, but treats them like gold.

    Really? I was boiling so much. Really? So it was that good huh?
    Okay that's true enough, didn't like hearing about the story leaks for XY or BW either.

    Darn it you're lucky. Younger, and just one.
    It does, I melted in the hot heat yesterday. Everybody said that B2W2 are very good. I see then, well since my main Gen V game is B, might as well get B2.
    Squares, so true. I'm hoping they at least leak the Pokédex for Hoenn, I need to know where Pokémon are catchable and which ones are in the Hoenn Dex. But to each their own.

    Really? So are they older or younger? Nice, gotta respect that! 8)
    So I tried looking for a new copy of B2W2 (I'm an idiot I know), and could only find W2 at the mall. Hope I find both at the same place.
    Who wouldn't? Agreed with that logic.

    IKR? So many deals I had to make with my sister. That's too genius, how do you do that? Cool.

    Okay then.
    [What makes you assume she doesn't have a chance?
    I don't care honestly, just bring out more booster packs and anime episodes!]
    [You'll get everything you want in the next few chapters I promise. xD
    Their meh, I don't mind the Lucario focus too much but Ash doesn't have to look like a b*tch just to make it look better.]
    That's true. Z for sure, they can't skip it.

    I'm gonna have to settle for OR against my will. '_'

    Yeah, sorry.
    It's so funny how these people think that the writers aren't useless. It's all too true.

    That's the same thing with me. I'm angry at my sister saying she'll get Alpha, even though I need it more for that Hoenn nostalgia!
    Really? Man, they're just wasting their time. Oh my Ra, that's perfect!

    I'm very weak, I'd like to get as many versions as I can.
    Most of theirs annoy me, if they hate this show why would they fortune themselves? Just move on already! Wait, how's that work?

    IKR? It kills me inside knowing that, I want my XY 'mons to get those cool moves. Not wait a whole year.
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