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  • Their stronger then Golen's group but weaker then Rayzoni.

    [IKR? lol How about convos that are 99% complaints?]
    He's my top favorite. lol I'd just rather mention he characters aside from him.

    Rayzoni>> New rival> Kyoya> Tom> Golen> Carly.

    [Inconsistent conversations are the worst.]
    No. lol He's probably my favorite of all characters I've made. Up there with Team Dogma and Tom.

    [Tough break. Eh I talk with 3-4 people at most. I don't try and talk with anyone who ignores me.]
    Exactly. Hence the parenthesis.

    I know. lol Spoiler, he's stronger then Kyoya as well.

    [I would but posting like him hurts my brain. xD]
    That was the fastest "important" ZEXAL duel.

    Thanks. lol There's gonna be another rival introduced soon.

    [Wow. Sounds like a bore.]
    Mizar easily had the worst death of all ZEXAL characters. xD

    It was nothing. Kyoya swept Golen by being a bit stronger and way more strategic while Rayzoni curbstomped him by being far more powerful then him with being able to see through Golen's strategies.

    [Yep. :( Is the ZEXAL thread still alive on Bmgf?]
    I'd have you know that watching paint dry is much funner then watching them duel.

    Yeah what did you expect? lol

    [Barely. I look over old threads and this site used to be way funner back then.]
    Yep. It did no wonders how neither of the two were interesting in the slightest.

    Shut up. [Can't be any lamer then these forums. xP]
    Hey Tori isn't that irrelevant. To his defense he has to work with Kite who outside being the writer's pet is pretty irrelevant as well.

    In my world.
    He'll die like Girag did, in other words like a b*tch.

    Sometimes being OP is a good thing.
    That is so true. xD All he has going for him is C107 but even then he still got trolled by Kite.

    Rayzoni is far stronger then Kyoya is and is easily the strongest character introduced atm.
    Yeah he would have but he didn't so he's done for.

    He should, he's an expy of hunters from other shows.
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