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  • Hey what's new? I had appendicitis for almost a month at my job and wasn't aware, looking it up I see other people had it for hours or up to 3 days, I made it almost 30 boy am I lucky
    Proof of legitimacy = Profit! True story when I can remember what it did to my CoroCoro Croagunk haha.
    I've dowloaded that Celebi as soon as it got public xD. At that time the rarest Pokémon ever just got the most common one '-'
    Damn, I'm missing a chord for my GameCube so I can't use it.... And soft resetting on colosseum for a shiny sucks, you have to wait about 5 minutes per Sr, got boring so I'm just gonna try and hunt shiny shadow pokemon if possible with my bad luck.....
    Well burn but *** on a sidewalk on the sun, nah just wanted to say something stupid stuff, damn that's even more awesome, did you get it on a GameCube or on a GameCube on the Wii? I just want to know cause aren't the encounters different like if playing a GBA Pokémon game on a DS Lite
    Yeah, [one person has just been oh I NEED this and that, kinda odd though] so what's new? Can people really RNG on the disc version of XD? I know Hozu can on Emulator but to me its not the same as the real game. Also how'd you go about Soft Resetting for your XD eevee? Did you use a Wii and reset the GameCube setting a GameCube and reset button or a few a day then stop? Just curious bro :3
    To be honest, I never got that interest for DW Events haha. Also there's always the need to take care to don't spread a monster to much, right? Like the Public Cinema Celebi, if I remember correctly.
    Thanks, and you on the dance to :)
    Yeah locked down is right
    [whats odd is one user here has been constantly asking him for free stuff though]
    It will, about time, just saw this week that Kevin24 has your XD shiny eevee, you trade it to him or send a clone to be non Redis, I saw it and I'm thinking WAHHHHAAAA?!?!?!??!?!? Just curious
    Thanks, any idea why it took awhile to decipher that, is it one of the mysteries Gen3 just had waiting for us?
    Also nice to hear you still exist, I graduated last month, how did the dance with that girl you asked to go with you? Hope it went well :)
    Glad to see the Pokémon Trading community still trading (duh). Seems people still love those monsters xD

    btw, just to know, are there 'new' ultra super mega rare Event Pokémon so I can be motivated to return trading?
    Thanks man! Happy late birthday to you too haha xD

    Seems you're still in trading communities, unlike me xD. So, how's deals and trades going?
    Yeah apparently they did XD does Pokecheck just not read the PID of poke spot pokes then or does it skip them? I just don't get that XP
    My Zubat has unknown PID that's why I asked and was confused, we get green blue robes which look a little weird, built so that no one can go without anything underneath, the zipper stops below the croch so ha ha ha no ones gonna do that at graduation XD I still have 2 days of finals as of tomorrow
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