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  • It was either the one luxury ball, the one premier ball, or the dozens of poke/great balls and I decided what if one day I want to evolve it, this will come in handy so without another thought I threw the luxury ball and that was it, once I get my master ball BAM in the trash it will go and in the trash it will stay, I hate those things
    thanks again for your kind words/thoughts that,s why i read and do not intervene in black lists as i have traded with you and BRAWL in the recent.

    keep rolling my friend :)
    That's kinda cool, and that is helpful and the zubat was VERY unexpected I've never even had a shiny zubat, the coincidence is well at the time I was thinking what if I get another zubat again or what if this is a shiny, naw I thought, I went to the cave and BAM there he was all green and seizureish not sitting still for a picture it was more still when eating then in battle or on its summary also it only got 2 bites in before I caught it I had leftovers on mawhile though so it didn't do diddily poop, and I hadn't even been hunting and*I was thinking about Coloseum shinies and your shiny XD eevee when I found that beauty
    Thank you! I don't have my gamecube/XD gale of darkness since it's at my other house atm. Once I get back to my beach house, i'm taking it with me :3
    Will illuminate even help on these games since wild pokemon appear once every 5-20 minutes and it doesn't go any faster?
    thanks for the response i already traded it to gingi for another rare pokemon but we already discussed the situation and i already offered compensation thanks again for your thoughts.
    Okay just curious, how long did that eevee take to shine I keep forgetting to ask..., the zubat only took 3 zubat to find it 2 yesterday and 1 about a month ago, it didn't shine until after I caught him saved, and put him in battle, but again how long did that eevee take I've been wondering since I saw that video :3
    Thank you. I'm going hunting on my XD file for a shiny so thank you for the information. It really helps~ :D
    Hi, about shiny XD pokemon. Can you SR for shininess on XD on the same poke or do you need to keep encountering different pokemon in pokespots?
    Yeah I am to bro, I decided yesterday I'm gonna leave it UT teach it heat wave, Giga drain, air cutter, and probably sludge bomb and may give it a legendary ribbon from red if I can do that I posted it on the shiny discussion thread and only one person said it was cool 5 other people skipped right over him and thanks for the congrats he is modest, male, lv18, and in a luxury ball and I didn't use a synchronizer
    This should be a better picture from just a few seconds ago its from my phone though so its not as clear as your video camera was with eevee but this shiny zubat was green when I went to the cave, and in battle so I switched into my false swipe mawhile and threw a luxury ball and caught it male lv18 modest met at the cave I am so excited about him :)
    here's the list x2 equals 2 clones and original
    - s/f litwick
    -event shaymin
    -SPRING2012 Reshiram x2
    -event victini
    -darkrai x2
    -shiny eevee
    its a little more than what i thought but hopefully u can do it
    hey rayce wouldn't you agree that ssg manaphy has some decent value although it is on pokecheck publicly the one we have doesn't have premier ribbon.
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