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  • Hey Rayce I was watching YouTube videos and saw videos of shiny shadow pokemon and you are lucky that your eevee didn't have a chance to revert back to normal non shiny eevee rest in peace shiny skarmory and shiny sudowoodo
    Hi Rayce I was just redirected to your shiny Coloseum pokemon post and I have one of the bayleef do you remember if I traded for it from you or someone else thanks
    Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something somewhere. I did see in your thread an announcement that they were found to be hacked with an offer of compensation to those who had traded for them, so he *could* have just contacted for a trade back or replacement. I don't think that should be brought to BL, since you're already working on making amends there.
    and no worries, this happens about every 6 months. he gets called into BL and then 8-12 pages of flaming, white-knighting and incoherent posts ensue. (on all sides usually)
    The mods have the patience of saints :p hope you all work it out in the end
    I've been reading the blacklist thread since the beginning and I'm getting really confused. not sure how the mods keep it straight >.<
    was the case that you traded a legit Korean DW banette for a hacked Korean movie celebi? and the dogs / flygon were a completely different trade that has nothing to do with the charges you laid against him?
    i got it!

    breed a male mr mime with trick/encore/baton pass with an illumise. the resulting baby will be either illumise or volbeat(probably need dw illumise)

    i cant get dw pokes, but one from pokecheck should work fine. ill breed for the male mr mime ^_^
    im so confused to, lol. mr mime has all the egg moves available, so he would be the male, and just breed with a female dw volbeat.

    but now it seems like you are doing all the work :(

    is there anything else you need bred, that doesnt involve 5th gen? if not, just keep me on hold or something. id be happy to help in anything ^_^

    its very interesting, lol. the pre-AP program ends up having you taking much more advanced classes. luckily, its fairly common, and im not in a class with a bunch of seniors ^_^
    alright ^_^ so, to clarify, im breeding for the mr. mime? i think i can do that.

    was wondering if it was going to be a prankster set :p

    its pretty cool. its only available at my school for sophmores and juniors(freshmen only have pre ib, advanced, and standard, while seniors have standard, ib, ap, and advanced.

    yeah, its only the first week so far and its already tough, lol.
    no, its no trouble ^_^

    if i may, when i rarely breed, i generally just download pokemon from pokecheck to use as parents. it doesnt matter if the pokemon have that ribbon :p i think i can breed for the mr mime though.

    just the parents? i can breed the whole thing if you want, lol.

    um, hmm...its like, a pre-AP system. it prepares you for AP. right now, its Pre-AP english, Chemistry, US government, and Pre-Calculus. its weird, lol. its not full AP, but it prepares you for the "rigorous work it entails".

    ok, thats good. i sent it to the other person too, hopefully. i think i formatted it correctly :p
    if you just want the breeding chain, mr mime learns pretty much everything volbeat does :p i'll breed one for you ^_^

    do you want trick too? mr mime learns that too.

    any specific ev training, leveling, tms, anything?

    as a sophmore, taking ap classes, chemistry, government, and pre-calc isnt fun -.-

    but iz challenging :p did you happen to get my pm? i sent it to a couple people, but it was my first time chain-pming, so it may not have been successful. just a response back would suffice, if you got it.
    alright ^_^ i can do that. the ivs may not turn out flawless(im a novice breeder), but ill try and keep the ivs above ~20-25.

    yeah, lol. event stuff is pretty interesting :p question, can ageto celebi(colosseum event) ever be shiny? its been debated and all, but ive never heard it confirmed.

    do you want the volbeat on pokecheck, or trade to you directly?

    -.- if you arent in high school yet, word of advice, dont take chemistry in you early years :p
    -.- dammit. wont let me edit, and randomly sent that message. 3ds....curse you!

    anything you need/want bred, for personal reasons or shop reasons? if i find time, i could also try and soft-reset for shiny legends for you. havent gotten to dialga or the lake trio yet due to nuzlocke challenges.
    if i happen to find my white version, i will gladly do all i can to find that shuckle and zangoose. shouldnt be too hard.
    :( sadly, im limited to 4th gen only. i dont normally access the dw anyway, but i do have connections and could probably hook up a trade to get them. if i had my white.

    i may have the opportunity to find it on the 8th. if its where i think it is....

    o. well, that sucks. i thought the PCNY ones weren't static though. i.e. PCNYa, PCNYb, etc, along with the wish events. guess not :p think i read something about it on bulbapedia.

    im glad it is working good :D

    actually, no. i was going to turn that bagon into one :p its a greag utility poke, with wish and intimidate.
    are you sure? i did trade for a very valuable pokemon event. at least let me try and breed some stuff for you. like, some flawless pokemon( i could try for different shinies, but may take a long time.) i dont feel good not giving you something in return. its more a personal issue thing. plus, breeding may help me out some,(getting back into the game). ive wanted to learn how to and you get stuff in return ^_^

    eh. its not too much of a concern to get dragged in it. it wouldnt be substantial stuff anyway, just pointing out why he hasnt answered the big questions, is getting off topic, stuff like that. not worth it, which was why i didnt post anything.

    btw: 2 things

    1) hows the team been going for you?

    2) did you get word back on that bagon thing? like, were the wish events static pids, or did they differ? not wondering if the original one was hacked(i checked its ivs on pokecheck and the legality because i was already there), but wondering about the event in general.
    that it is. humor is the best medicine.

    i was a little surprised to see ikhana and brawl dragged out again, and then ikhana never say anything back.

    i have my personal opinions about the matter(along with stuff i want to post) but have no proof or anything about the matter or anything. never traded with him :p tried to but was denied. just stuff about the current way everyone is acting about the situation.

    btw, i really hope you got rid of that spiritomb :( unfortunately, i lost my game, so i cant compensate you for anything. if i ever find it, know that i would do my best to compensate you. i still feel bad about that :(

    i have my diamond game though, and can try to get stuff for you from there.
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